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Toward Sustainable, Biodiverse, and Decentralized Bioenergy Alternatives

Excerpt from Soil Not Oil by Vandana Shiva   Toward Sustainable, Biodiverse, and Decentralized Bioenergy Alternatives for India Diverting land and food to produce industrial biofuel undermines the land and food sovereignty of the poor, generating social conflicts and threatening the fragile fabric of democracy. Ethanol production has already contributed to an increase in food …continue

From Her Body Sprang the Greatest Wealth, Part 2

Guest Post by Thanissara While our climate crisis is catalyzing a social, economic, and energy revolution, we will only repeat old paradigms of exploitation unless we understand that our crisis is rooted in a dualistic consciousness. The consciousness that is wedded to “subject” in relationship to “object,” while fundamental to our everyday experience, veils the truth of our …continue

New Release: Warlords, Inc.

Based on analysis from leading political scientists, advisors to heads of state, and award-winning academics, Warlords, Inc. exposes the secretive world of drug cartels and transnational criminal organizations. In addition to detailing the inner-workings and implications of these deviant groups, the authors also offer insight into how to learn from them and adjust our own tactics. …continue