Wild Horses, Wild Dreams

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Wild Horses, Wild Dreams

New and Selected Poems 1971-2010

Author: Lindy Hough

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Wild Horses, Wild Dreams follows a trajectory from the early seventies to the present, giving a generous overview of Lindy Hough’s intellectual world and emotionally evocative language. The book samples poems from previously published books along with new poems. Selections from Changing Woman, Psyche, The Sun in Cancer, and Outlands & Inlands show a delight in language and the transformative nature of art, grounded in place and sensuous detail. The narrator of Changing Woman is a young mother in her early twenties, steeped in the detail of life, questioning and ironic as she puzzles out truth and authenticity in Maine. In Psyche, she maps the inner life of a Vermont college town and its inhabitants, in a conceit based on Helen of Troy. In The Sun in Cancer, Hough begins to show a strong involvement in Buddhism and consciousness as she explores life on the West and East coasts. In Outlands & Inlands, dreams, dance, and obsession map changing human dilemmas. In the new poems, Hough continues her account of an attempt to square external reality with inner, digging deeper into human dynamics as history folds in on contemporary concerns. Linguistic nuance, surprising syntax, and the grounding of the breath poetics of projective verse are all richly present here, and show why she has gained acclaim as an important modern poet.


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