The Wild Region of Lived Experience

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The Wild Region of Lived Experience

Using Somatic-Psychoeducation

Author: Danis Bois

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The Wild Region of Lived Experience introduces the emerging discipline of somatic-psychoeducation, a powerful body-mind modality developed over a period of 25 years by author Danis Bois. Somatic-psychoeducation uses aspects of manual therapy (touch), movement, and psychotherapeutic methods to help people heal from physical and emotional issues, as well as develop their maximum potential for balance, well-being, and creativity. Considering the person as a body-mind unit, this method aims to resolve physical pain and psychological suffering, thereby helping the subject regain the sure sense of his or her life. By teaching people to perceive, to feel, and to reflect, they learn from their bodies and from events in their lives.

Parts I and II of the book provide a general description of somatic-psychoeducation, as seen through Bois’s career path and personal experience. Part III introduces the idea of “bodymind tuning,” which involves methods of touch, movement, introspection, and verbal dialogue to connect the patient more fully to his or her body, thoughts, and behavior. Part IV explores the origin and evolution of physical and psychological pain and explains how somatic-psychoeducation helps people heal. This is an ideal reference for movement educators and therapists, as well as those seeking a holistic approach to their own healing.


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About the Author

Danis Bois was trained as a physical therapist and osteopath. In 1983, he founded a school of fasciatherapy, a manual therapy inspired by his experience of osteopathy. He has taught in numerous schools worldwide. The author of several books and articles presenting his original approach to mindbody healing, he lives in France.

Reviews/Press Quotes

“I've never seen such a powerful and complete method for transformation. Danis Bois encompasses body and soul in a way yet unknown in North America. When you read Danis Bois's book, you know that you're entering a new region of your lived experience. This book is about you.”
—Pierre Paillé, PhD

“Although somewhat skeptical about alternative treatments, in general, I have had personal experience with this method and have found it to be quite powerful. It is very effective in fostering the development of inner awareness and has great therapeutic potential in this regard. Demonstrating the validity of alternative therapies presents a difficult challenge with respect to creating an appropriate experimental design. Danis Bois and his colleagues are to be commended for their efforts in exploring a scientific understanding of this phenomenon through their work at the Modern University of Lisbon.”
—Neil Sonenklar, MD

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