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The Nutrition Solution

A Guide to Your Metabolic Type

Author: Harold Kristal, James Haig Foreword by: John R. Lee, MD

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What constitutes healthy eating, and a healthy weight, has become a hugely complex—and too often vexing—question for those looking to discover, attain, and maintain their ideal weight. The Nutrition Solution takes a fresh approach. Based on the idea that no single diet is universally applicable, the book first shows readers how to determine their body type. Next, Dr. Kristal, who runs a nutritional clinic, outlines the appropriate diet for each type, including which foods to include and which to avoid. Dr. Kristal worked extensively with William Wolcott, the originator of metabolic typing, and draws on scientific studies to show struggling dieters the way to practical, healthful eating for each metabolic type. Included are detailed strategies for finding freedom from out-of-control food cravings—the downfall of many a dieter.


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About the Author

Dr. Kristal maintains a busy Metabolic Typing practice at Metabolic Nutrition, his practice in San Rafael, California. He also teaches several Metabolic Typing seminars each year to health professionals, both in the U.S. an in Europe, has been interviewed on several radio and television shows, and has spoken before various health groups. He has also published numerous articles on nutrition and Metabolic Typing.

A long-time student of nutrition and health trends, James M Haig, B.A. Hons., N.C. is a nutritionist, health educator, and health writer living and working in Marin County, California. He has studied and practiced Metabolic Typing with Dr. Harold J. Kristal since 1998. When not involved in his nutritional pursuits, James likes to get lost in the hills near his home in Northern California.

Reviews/Press Quotes

All those who wish to be as healthy as they can be, and especially those with health problems that defy conventional treatments, should read this book. I recommend it most highly."
—John R. Lee, M.D., from the Foreword

"Eating for one's individual metabolism is a time-tested truth. Common sense alone should tell us that the concenpt "one diet fits all" could not fly, anymore than one medical treatment could fit all. Celebrate your uniqueness, even if it is with foods shunned by conventional paradigms."
—Robert J. Rowen, Second Opinion

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