The Map to Wholeness

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The Map to Wholeness

Real-Life Stories of Crisis, Change, and Reinvention--Your Guide through the 13 Phases of Transformation

Author: Suzy Ross Read by: TBA

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The Map to Wholeness is an evidence-based guide for discovering your life’s true purpose, deepening your experience of transformation, and emerging healthier and happier from the journey

What is my purpose? Am I on the right track? How do I create meaning in my life? The seemingly random events that comprise our lives can be understood as serving a higher purpose when examined through the proper lens; they are in fact the critical steps that comprise our hero’s journey. Those who choose to travel this path will emerge completely transformed–healthier, happier, and in touch with their life’s purpose. In this book, Susan Ross draws on her extensive research to create a map for those ready to embark on their most important adventure. The Map to Wholeness identifies the thirteen phases of personal transformation (symbolized as an upright infinity symbol or a figure-8). Readers will learn how to identify their unique location on the journey, deepen their experience, and avoid the common pitfalls that block progress. Each step on the path brings us closer to our inherent state of wholeness (even when they feel painful or pointless). By understanding the larger meaning of our circumstances from a bird’s eye perspective, we learn to rest in faith and confidence, freed from crippling judgment and self-blame. We will live more deliberately, consciously, and joyfully, while simultaneously heightening our experiences of change.

At the heart of this book are the personal journeys of three ordinary individuals who have descended into the darkness of their psyches, integrating a personal life-changing event, and emerging transformed. Readers will find their own life stories reflected in these real-life accounts.

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About the Author

SUZY ROSS, PhD, is an assistant professor and coordinator of Recreation Therapy and Complementary and Alternative Medicine at San Jose State University, California. She is known as a trusted, compassionate thought leader in the areas of personal growth, transformation, and play as medicine. The Map to Wholeness is her first book.

Reviews/Press Quotes

“If you’re going through a life-crisis or transition, experiencing depression or anxiety, or feeling like you’ve lost your way, Dr. Ross’s wise, heartfelt, practical, and inspiring guide is the map you need—to navigate this vulnerable and difficult terrain and find your truest self and life on the other side of your struggle. The Map to Wholeness offers you the steps and the pathway to a future that’s even richer, more soulful and thriving than you can begin to imagine. I can’t recommend it more highly.”
CLAIRE ZAMMIT, PhD, founder of

“Dr. Suzy Ross boldly ventures into the space left by Joseph Campbell—dispelling even Campbell’s questions about how we become a new self in the aftermath of a life-changing experience. The thirteen phases of transformation ring clear and true. . . . Ross’s work defines a new lens through which we can make sense of both our highs and lows. I’m thrilled to share her work in all of my circles.”
ELIZABETH B. JENKINS, international best-selling author of The Return of the Inka

“Not only does Dr. Ross give us The Map to Wholeness, but she also clearly and conscientiously shows us the way to use the map. Backed by rigorous research and motivated by Ross’s personal experience of transformation, this book is a generous offering—served up by one who both shows and knows.”
JENNIFER LEIGH SELIG, PhD, depth psychologist, educator, and author of Deep Creativity

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