The Journey Toward Complete Recovery

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The Journey Toward Complete Recovery

Reclaiming Your Emotional, Spiritual and Sexual Wholeness

Author: Michael Picucci

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Founder of the Institute for Staged Recovery in New York City and creator of "Authentic Process Therapy," Picucci is an addictions counselor who bases his methods primarily on personal experience. In this updated edition of his self-published Complete Recovery, Picucci describes a "Stage Two" recovery program for evolving beyond freedom from addictions to "holism," which encompasses joy, bliss, love, empowerment, creativity, respect for all life, and peace. Picucci makes an interesting distinction between recovery from addictions and childhood traumas" and "recovery of fulfillment, wisdom, serenity, and emotional, spiritual and sexual wholeness.

Using a structure of 12 stations, which can be visited and revisited in any order as often as needed, he guides readers through six fundamental and six emergent modules of this process for healing the "spiritual-sexual split" and the "cultural pain… of oppressed minorities," and ultimately achieving the "shame-free presentation of self." Picucci says he offers "nothing less than a re-birthing process" through a combination of one-on-one psychotherapy, support groups and spirituality. His own life experiences as a gay man, once married, now HIV positive, surviving AIDS, cancer, a heart attack, triple-bypass surgery and drug and alcohol addictions give him a uniquely credible perspective on healing and wholeness. In his cogent, well-organized handbook, Picucci functions a bit like the gay shamans who had a special place in North American Indian tribes. His compassionate acceptance of diversity will inspire many readers to care to take the next step and seek the help they need.


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About the Author

Michael Picucci is a nationally credentialed Master Addiction Counselor with a doctorate in The Psychology of Addictions Psychotherapy. He discovered a method that combines psychotherapy, the wisdom of the maturing recovery movement, and his own personal healing strategies. The result is a new form of healing for all people called Authentic Process Therapy. It allows deep feelings, longings for intimacy, and spiritual yearnings to emerge and become integrated, creating the experience of complete recovery. He has a private practice in New York City and is co-founder of The Institue for Staged Recovery and Institute Psychotherapy Associates.

Reviews/Press Quotes

"Finally! A book that addresses spirituality as a part of sexuality in terms everyone can understand. I look forward to incorporating the material in this book to add new dimensions to our recovery programs."
-Joseph M. Amico, M.DIV., CAS, Executive Director, Pride Institute, Co-Chair, National Council on Sexual Addiction and Compulsivity

"Picucci teaches us how to integrate the mind, body, and spirit and to reclaim our lives, passion, and our humanity. Written with great clarity and compassion, this is a must-read for anyone wishing to recover, to grow, and to love."
-Joyce A. Kovelman, Ph.D., author of Once Upon ASOUL: The Story Continues

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