The Essential Krav Maga

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The Essential Krav Maga

Author: Christophe Philippe

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Every day, innocent people are accosted and assaulted by criminals, many of whom carry weapons. The increasingly popular martial art of Krav Maga offers powerful methods and a direct approach to fighting back. Simplicity, speed, and efficiency are the main characteristics of Krav Maga, which was founded for the Israeli armed forces and adopted by many other groups worldwide.

This book, written by a police officer who has taught Krav Maga extensively, presents an array of self-defense techniques. Each chapter contains instructions for a different type of defense and is a complete lesson. These include defensive strategies against empty-handed assailants and those with a variety of weapons. The book explains how to protect a companion, a boyfriend or girlfriend, or a child, and even how to get away from a group of assailants. Author Christophe Philippe offers simple, thorough explanations accompanied by full-color photographic sequences demonstrating the techniques.


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CHRISTOPHE PHILIPPE, French Police Official, discovered Krav Maga in 1994 while taking part in a training program under the tutelage of Richard Douïeb. After being involved with many martial arts and combat sports, he decided to dedicate himself exclusively to Krav Maga, as he is convinced of its effectiveness and considers it to be completely suitable for law enforcement. In 1996, Philippe spent time in Israel to complete his training and was introduced by his teacher, Richard Douïeb, to Imi Lichtenfeld founder of Krav Maga, with whom Philippe shared his plan to introduce this self-defense system to the French Police. Back in France, with the approval of the European Federation of Krav Maga, he instituted introductory training seminars exclusively for law enforcement personnel. In 1999, Christophe Philippe created the Association of Krav MagaPolice (AKMP). Its objective is promote and teach Krav Maga within law enforcement in France. Christophe Philippe continues to teach Krav Maga to police and civilians and to further his own education under the tutelage of Richard Douïeb, the discipline’s official representative in Europe.

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