Self-Defense for Peaceable People

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Self-Defense for Peaceable People

Defend Yourself Regardless of Size, Gender, Age, or Strength

Author: John Townsend

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Self-Defense for Peaceable People is an accessible, authoritative introduction to the art of unarmed self-defense. While compatible with all existing martial arts systems, the method requires no training or experience at all, and is especially suited to those who simply want a realistic command of basic self-defense. Drawing on a 20-year career in law enforcement and a lifelong practice of martial arts, John Townsend explains clearly and succinctly the philosophy and theory behind self-defense, and describes the types of attacks that can happen in different situations. Realistic photo sequences illustrate in detail the evasion and counterattack techniques that enable readers to defend themselves effectively in any real-world situation, regardless of size, gender, age, or strength. Armed only with these simple techniques, readers gain a new sense of freedom, personal confidence, and peace of mind.


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About the Author

Founder of the Tao-Zen Ryu Shindo system of Taoist-oriented martial arts, Master John Townsend is one of eight senior instructors appointed as direct successors to the legendary martial arts Grandmaster, Hak Tok Yun (10th Dan).

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