Primal Tears

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Primal Tears

Author: Kelpie Wilson

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A cross between a human and a bonobo? Carl Sagan and others have speculated: Is it possible? What kind of creature would it be? And how might this affect our world? Kelpie Wilson takes the premise and runs with it in this engaging novel. Primal Tears is the story of Sage, born to a young woman who has volunteered to be a surrogate mother for an endangered species of chimpanzee. The process goes awry, and Sage, a lovable youngster, is neither completely one species nor the other. When her existence becomes public knowledge, she needs all the best characteristics of both species to find a place for herself in our human-dominated world.

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About the Author

Writer, editor, and engineer Kelpie Wilson is well known as an environmental activist. Her articles have appeared in Wild Earth, The Progressive, and the Earth First! Journal. She is currently an editor and writer for, an online news service with a worldwide audience. Wilson lives with her husband in a solar-powered cabin in the Siskiyou Mountains of Oregon. Visit her at

Reviews/Press Quotes

"What a great book! I loved it, and found it to be totally enthralling. As I read, I felt drawn deeper and deeper into a primal sense of hope. Not a naive hope, not wishful thinking, but a hope arising out of a sense of the immensity of human evolution and the profundity of our interconnectedness with all of life. I hope everyone on our dear and endangered Earth reads this book."—John Robbins, author Healthy at 100 and Diet For a New America"Primal Tears is a novel of tremendous power. Passionate and erotic, at times tenderly lyrical, it confronts head-on, without flinching, brutal environmental and feminist politics. Its protagonist, Sage, is unique, magical, and haunting."—Kate Wilhelm, author of The Unbidden Truth, Clear and Convincing Proof, and Skeletons"Kelpie Wilson's Primal Tears has rounded, memorable characters, evocative descriptions, lively dialogue, an exciting plot, and an understated, evenhanded wit that is very engaging...It is a clear-eyed, courageous look at some of the most denied and neglected threats to the biosphere and the place of humans in it."—David Rains Wallace, author of The Monkey's Bridge and The Bonehunters' Revenge"Primal Tears is primal storytelling, thoughtful and passionate. Kelpie Wilson wonderfully expands our definitions of human and family."—Greg Bear, author of Blood Music, The Forge of God, Darwin's Radio, and Quantico

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