May I Be Frank

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May I Be Frank

How I Changed My Ways, Lost 100 Pounds, and Found Love Again

Author: Frank Ferrante Foreword by: Marianne Williamson

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“What happens when Tony Soprano meets Deepak Chopra? That’s how people have described my story. I might throw some Woody Allen in there and a dash of Hunter S. Thompson.” So says Frank Ferrante of his amazing journey from obesity and drug addiction to vibrant health and happiness.

At 54 years old, Ferrante was the least likely candidate for a major personal transformation. He weighed close to 300 pounds and suffered from a slew of issues that were his unhappy legacy as an ex-junkie and ex-alcoholic: hepatitis C, chronic fatigue, joint pain, respiratory issues, depression, suicidal thoughts, and a libido that had gone into early retirement. He thought that “vegan” was a planet, “wellness” was not in his vocabulary, and he couldn’t be bothered with self-help. He was for those very reasons the best candidate for a major personal transformation. 

One day, he stumbled into Café Gratitude—a vegan raw food restaurant run by three 20-something hipsters. Unbeknownst to him, they’d been thinking about finding someone to put on a raw food diet and making a documentary that would be the polar opposite of Super Size Me. Ferrante was looking for something, anything, to create a shift in his life. As he says, “Like zillions of people, I was hungry not so much for food, but for love.”

Never mind that he was old enough to be the boys’ father or that he’d ridiculed the New Age herd for years—he accepted them pretty much on the spot as his new “transformational cheerleaders.” With the young men’s unexpected support and guidance, Ferrante began a redemptive odyssey that included a plant-based diet, yoga, and daily affirmations—but then faced a battle for his life when his underlying addictions rose up to claim him. May I Be Frank chronicles Ferrante’s experience of being the subject of a physical, mental, and spiritual makeover and also describes what happened next, post-transformation: he learned to love again.

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About the Author

Born on August 26, 1951, FRANK FERRANTE has been, in no particular order, a NY City cab driver, scrap metal hauler, dishwasher, census taker, mail boy, ditch digger, bouncer, illegal narcotics distributor, general contractor, actor, radio announcer, and carpenter. He is an avid reader, seeker of God, weight gain/weight loss afficionado, ex-pot smoker, alcoholic, junkie, speed freak, raw foodist, vegan, lover, hater, father, husband, grad student, good guy, bad guy, social activist. Late in life, Ferrante earned a MA in humanities to sate a lifelong fascination in the subject, with particular interest in the migration of cultures, peoples, and souls. As the subject of the documentary May I Be Frank?, Ferrante has become a spokesperson for personal transformation and weight loss. His experience dealing with these struggles from a holistic perspective compels him to speak out about the power of transformation that rests in all of us. As he says, "I have witnessed the indisputable fact that we are all connected. What we do can and will make a difference. I have learned that the three most important things a man can say are: I don't know. Would you please help me? I love you."

Reviews/Press Quotes

"Just as a picture is worth a thousand words, the true story of one person’s transformation is worth a thousand treatises on what breaks a human being and what makes them heal. Frank has been broken in his life, and Frank has healed. Just reading his story gives the reader inspiration with which to more fully live theirs." —Marianne Williamson, author of A Return to Love

“Frank Ferrante is the most unlikely of heroes. Through his outrageous, inspiring, and transparent adventures, we not only get to witness his transformation—we also get to witness and realize our own. Frank tells it like it is, brings us close, and makes us feel like family. It takes no time to fall in love with Frank. He speaks from the heart, showing he truly cares about us too.”—Jason Mraz

“Frank Ferrante has good news: Life’s challenges aren’t obstacles on our path to awakening—they are the path! Frank’s honest, intimate sharing grounds us in the understanding that every aspect of what life presents is an opportunity to reconnect with our inherent integrity, authenticity, and joy.”—Michael Bernard Beckwith, author of Life Visioning: A Four-Stage Evolutionary Journey to Live as Divine Love

“There’s a bit of Frank in all of us—broken yet hopeful, fallen yet getting back up, and often living our lives as smoldering sparks that never quite burn out, or ignite. To witness Frank’s comeback story as he battles demons and comes to terms with failure, and to see him prevail and then soar provides inspiration at its absolute best.” —Mike Dooley, the New York Times best-selling author of Infinite Possibilities: The Art of Living Your Dreams

“Frank’s wit and his genuine, heartfelt wisdom make this book an inspiring journey of triumph—a true testimony to the human spirit’s ability to rise against all adversity in the name of passion, love, and life. This is a must-read for anyone wanting to transform their body and live the life of their dreams.”—Jon Gabriel, international best-selling author and creator of The Gabriel Method


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