Cosmic Healing

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Cosmic Healing

A Spiritual Journey with Aaron and John of God

Author: Barbara Brodsky

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With the onset of sudden profound deafness at the age of 29, Barbara Brodsky set out on a quest to understand the nature of illness and healing, examining the interrelationship of mind and body and our capacity to transcend limitation. Asking the questions What is healing? Who and what heals? Why do some people heal while others do not? she discusses karma and free will, our habit of identifying with a limited sense of self, and our potential for greater healing.

A longtime Buddhist practitioner who began meditation in the ’60s, Brodsky discovered a new path on her healing journey when she began channeling the spirit Aaron in 1989. Based on three decades of meticulously kept journals, Cosmic Healing weaves together Brodsky’s Buddhist teachings, channeled material from Aaron, exercises for the reader, and an account of her experiences with the healer known as John of God (João Teixeira de Faria) at his teaching center, Casa de Dom Inácio, in Brazil. While Cosmic Healing is channeled in part and has deep roots in traditional dharma, it is at heart a universal story of human growth and discovery. Old beliefs limit us every day. But as Brodsky discovered and teaches, we can learn to recognize such limiting beliefs, transcend them, and live a deeper truth.

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About the Author

Barbara Brodsky is founder and head dharma teacher of the Deep Spring Center for Meditation and Spiritual Inquiry, an interfaith center offering Vipassana meditation and Tibetan dzogchen teachings. She lives in Ann Arbor, MI.

Reviews/Press Quotes

“As I go through Aaron’s material, I am struck by its sophistication and its lightness, its clarity and its beauty.”
—Ram Dass, author of Be Here Now and Still Here

“Barbara Brodsky shares her amazing journey, learning from the most powerful healers how her own suffering could transform her into a vehicle for healing countless others. Cosmic Healing reveals the essential elements of true healing and inspires us to cultivate the love, light, and faith that are required.”
—James Baraz, coauthor of Awakening Joy

“The voice of Aaron is a vessel of wisdom, its current direct from the awakened heart-mind. Read this book—it will give you fresh understanding and faith in the essence of dharma, the truth of your own luminous, loving being.”
—Tara Brach, author of Radical Acceptance

“Clear dharma; living nonduality.”
—Lama Surya Das, author of Awakening the Buddha Within

Cosmic Healing tells the story of a powerful spiritual journey. Interweaving teachings and experiences from several traditions, Barbara Brodsky opens us to new dimensions of understanding and healing. It's a fascinating and illuminating read."
—Joseph Goldstein, author of One Dharma and A Heart Full of Peace

“I have found Aaron to be ever kind, compassionate, and wise, his teachings both gentle and profound. Over the years, my conversations with Aaron have been a source of inspiration and illumination, always pointing to unveiling, and trusting, the wisdom within.”
—Aura Glaser, PhD, clinical psychologist, cofounder of Jewel Heart, and author of A Call to Compassion: Bringing Buddhist Practices of the Heart into the Soul of Psychology

“Barbara is devoted in her service and teachings and a pristine vehicle for Aaron’s essence, love, and profound wisdom. Thank you Aaron and Barbara for birthing Cosmic Healing—the message and unconditional love is palpable and will touch the souls of many.”
—Heather Cumming, translator for John of God and coauthor of John of God

“There are many paths to enlightenment or union with God. Barbara Brodsky’s Cosmic Healing, better than any book I have read, sets forth the path to enlightenment by means of physical and emotional healing. Brodsky shows how resolutely dealing with illness, whether serious or ordinary, can purify us emotionally and spiritually unto the highest levels of the spiritual life. She also includes a superb description of the various states and stages of the spiritual path. Cosmic Healing is a great gift of love and offers practical methods to bring us into a life of ever-new love and bliss.”
—Jim Marion, author of Putting on the Mind of Christ

Cosmic Healing exemplifies storytelling as a deep form of healing….  Each page brought me to a stop, to savor, to ponder, to feel. Barbara unfolds a map of the spiritual journey which transcends any single religion. Words fall short! I will be digesting this book for a long time!”
—Haju Sunim, resident priest, Zen Buddhist Temple Ann Arbor
“There are three distinct adventures woven together beautifully in this story. The first is the extraordinary courage, transparency, and transformation into wholeness that has come through Barbara Brodsky’s personal contact with and application of liberating teachings. The second is the in-depth exploration of the process of healing itself. Lastly, this is a seminal work for anyone interested in knowing more about the Casa of Dom Ignacio and the entities associated with John of God…. I highly recommend this book.”
—Ajahn Thanasanti Bhikkhuni, Theravada Buddhist nun and founder of the nonprofit Awakening Truth, dedicated to supporting a Bhikkhuni training monastery for Buddhist nuns 

Cosmic Healing … is a rich treasure trove for those who want to go deeper into healing and the search for personal truth. Are you seeking for more? This book is for you! I laughed, I cried, and I loved it!”
—Carla L. Rueckert, channel for The Ra Material and other books

Cosmic Healing is a book that opens one’s eyes to alternative ways of looking at reality and living from one’s own truth. Aaron speaks of his teachings as being similar to a finger pointing to the moon and not the moon itself. However, even his pointing is filled with brilliant illumination.”
—Matthew Flickstein, author of Swallowing the River Ganges and Journey to the Center
“What a wonderful work! If you have been swept away by trauma, medical calamity, or life not being what you expected it would be—read this book….. Use Barbara’s map and you will feel more secure in the steps of your own journey. May this book reach many people who need the loving guidance she offers.”
—Emma Bragdon, PhD, director of the Foundation for Energy Therapies and author of Spiritual Alliances and Kardec’s Spiritism

“One woman’s very personal account of her journey from our collective human outlook on life to the awakening of her divine yet human Self. … This is definitely a page-turner book of the highest degree. Fascinating reading!”
—Judith Coates, channel for Jeshua ben Joseph; editor, Jeshua, The Personal Christ series

“In this book, Barbara has generously shared with her readers her personal journey. It is a journey of fear and courage, learning and teaching, pain and healing, and most of all, a journey of love….May the readers feel their hearts touched, as I have, through Barbara’s story and its healing medicine of Love.”
—Josie RavenWing, author of The Book of Miracles, A Season of Eagles, and The Return of Spirit

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