Calm Healing

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Calm Healing

Methods for a New Era of Medicine

Author: Ruth L. Miller, Ph.D., Robert Bruce Newman Foreword by: Richard Grossinger

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With disease statistics rising and health-care costs soaring, Calm Healing is a timely book indeed. Written in an accessible style, the book shows readers how to take an active role in their health by developing their innate skills for healing themselves and others. Part I presents a history of mind-body medicine, describing meditation methods across cultures and meditation research in the United States. Part II creates a new model of the human body based on a synthesis of disciplines, including quantum physics and energy medicine. Part III describes a wide range of healing methods including the healing practice of humor, cardio-awareness, progressive neuromuscular release, awareness-based energy breathing, transformative compassionate breathing, childbirth applications, and methods for near-death care. This section concludes with an analysis of healing the present by healing the past. Part IV focuses on self-healing and the worldwide transformation made possible by the effective action of groups engaged in mind-body healing.


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About the Author

A previously published author and university professor, Robert Newman, founded the World Health Foundation (now Medigrace), an organization dedicated to researching and developing new medical methods based on meditation science and advances in mind-body medicine. For twenty years, he apprenticed with Tibetan meditation doctors and masters.

Experienced in the areas of psychoneuroimmunology, metaphysics and various forms of meditation, Ruth L. Miller, PhD gives workshops and classes on social consciousness and the emerging new medical paradigm. She has co-founded several spiritual and service organizations in the state of Oregon.

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