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Lithotherapy as a Complementary Therapy to Cancer Treatment

The word cancer tends to evoke much fear at a time when this prevalent disease seems to touch the lives of more people than ever before. A diagnosis can hit hard and most people are assailed with concerns and questions about their prognosis, about how they can participate in their own healing process, and how …continue

How to Dye Your Clothes With Tea

Summer whites are a nice thought, aren’t they? While crisp white clothing can be a striking statement, pure white has a harsh quality that I tend to steer away from, personally; it feels almost sterile and people have to squint if you’re standing in the sun. For myself and many spill-prone comrades, those reflective whites …continue

Interview with John McCabe, Author of Sunfood Living

John McCabe is one of the leading lecturers and authorities on raw food nutrition in the world today. His new book, Sunfood Living: Resource Guide for Global Health, offers solutions and improvements for the consumerist lifestyle that is plaguing society today. He addresses the intimately related subjects of health and the environment, raising awareness while …continue

New Article by Paul Pitchford, Author of Healing With Whole Foods

Paul Pitchford is the author of the bestselling book, Healing with Whole Foods: Asian Traditions and Modern Nutrition. Pitchford is a leading authority in the field of nutrition and foundational healing. In the following article, Pitchford explains how one can balance their daily diet in order to consume a healthy amount of protein. He also …continue