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Excerpt: Soil Not Oil

As we look forward to the upcoming holidays, we must pause to appreciate what we take for granted: earth’s soil. In honor of World Soil Day, we’re thrilled to provide an exclusive excerpt from Vandana Shiva’s book Soil Not Oil! The most creative and necessary work that humans do is to work with the soil …continue

Can Astrology Help You Find True Love?

Shiva Das, author of Divine Love Astrology, shares some wisdom on how astrology can help you find a compatible lover…  Dear Lovers, I sincerely believe that all people and all Signs are compatible. I also believe that some relationships are more work than others. But we shouldn’t be afraid of hard work, which often brings growth. …continue

Astrology’s Potential Now

Guest Post by Shiva Das As exposure to astrology becomes ever more widespread in our modern society, in order for it to be considered more than just a parlor trick, it is necessary that a new understanding and use of astrology should arise as well. It would serve us more to avoid using astrology to …continue

New Release: Divine Love Astrology

What if we were to stop looking at astrology as a tool for divination and instead understand it as a way to attain self-knowledge and take responsibility for our lives? Divine Love Astrology: Revealing Spiritual Truth for Personal Transformation offers a fresh view of this ancient system, helping people understand their individual mission and find their …continue

Asparagus: A Valentine’s Vegetable

With Monday’s recipe for chocolate body paint (Organic! Raw! Vegan!) coming up, a Valentine’s Day post dedicated to asparagus might seem…odd. Or at least a little less obvious. And at first glance, it is— but when you move beyond the veggie’s funky green color and decidedly not romantic smell, there’s a whole world of food anthropology …continue