How to Harvest and Cut Aloe Vera

Posted by – March 19, 2012
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Aloe-ha, raw juice fans! It’s time to take advantage of the supernatural wonders of that spiky, gooey plant that heals everything from blistering sunburns to broken hearts. It can also, as shown in Peter and Beryn Daniel’s Rawlicious, contribute tons of nutrients to your smoothies and juices with its immune-boosting, collagen-producing, and diuretic powers. It really does and heals all. Here is a little how-to on cutting and preparing it for your invigorating, enzyme-rich drinks:

Picking leaves: Leaves are ripe when the tips show a little red — the almost browning bits towards the bottom of the plant are the most ready to pick. If you go for the top leaves, you’ll kill the plant — be sure not to pick too many and never take from baby plants! Those little guys need to develop and flourish before they swirl about your masticating juicer.

Chopping ’em up: You’ll need a sharp knife and a bag to harvest the leaves. Get in there and cut as close to the stem as you can — the bright yellow liquid that seeps out is the aloe bitters. To slice and skin the leaves, follow the photo tutorial above.

Now go enjoy a mint-apple-aloe cooler or a Twinkling Pink Aloe Cleanser and have a vera good day!

Rawlicious covers a broad spectrum of recipes and raw principles, from basics like stocking your raw kitchen, juicing, salad preparation, and making smoothies, to more advanced, gourmet dishes. Stunning full-color photos throughout will inspire readers to get into their kitchen, and clear, easy instructions to 144 recipes will encourage them to stay. In South Africa, where Rawlicious was published in August 2009, readers have enthusiastically embraced the book as their “kitchen bible,” their primary raw food resource above all others. Clean design and clear explanations of raw food principles and recipes make this one of the most inviting raw recipe books on the market.

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