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New Release: Warlords, Inc.

Based on analysis from leading political scientists, advisors to heads of state, and award-winning academics, Warlords, Inc. exposes the secretive world of drug cartels and transnational criminal organizations. In addition to detailing the inner-workings and implications of these deviant groups, the authors also offer insight into how to learn from them and adjust our own tactics. …continue

Of Warlords and Rodeos: Why Nothing Works

by Vinay Gupta   The following is an excerpt from Warlords, Inc.: Black Markets, Broken States, and the Rise of the Warlord Entrepreneur, a cutting-edge examination of new types of political actors who emerge in a world of drug cartels and transnational criminal organizations. In it, Leading experts chart the changing geopolitical landscape as the world’s …continue

Internal Climate Change

Guest Post by Brendan Kelly   Almost all of what we hear about climate change comes from our usual western perspective. There are important discussions about the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, increase carbon sequestration, eat local food, and question continuous economic growth. While these concerns are of real and urgent importance, they focus …continue

New Release: Sacroeconomía

Para información en español clic aquí. Sacroeconomía, the Spanish edition of Sacred Economics: Money, Gift, and the Age of Transition, traces the history of money from ancient gift economies to modern capitalism, revealing how the money system has contributed to alienation, competition, and scarcity, destroyed community, and necessitated endless growth. Today, these trends have reached …continue

Humanity’s Role in Our Changing World

Filmmaker Ian MacKenzie has worked with NAB authors Charles Eisenstein and Stephen Jenkinson on a number of occasions. In honor of Earth Day this month, we’d like to share two of these collaborations, which touch on questions that many of us have been asking ourselves: What is it to be human in a world impacted by issues such …continue

People’s Grocery (West Oakland, CA) from Sustainable Revolution

by Juliana Birnbaum and Louis Fox In celebration of Earth Day, all month long we’ll be spotlighting authors whose work embodies and promotes the spirit of sustainability, conservation, and creating a more beautiful planet for us all. Check out Juliana Birnbaum and Louis Fox’s Sustainable Revolution, which beautifully profiles sustainable communities throughout the world. From …continue