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From Her Body Sprang the Greatest Wealth, Part 2

Guest Post by Thanissara While our climate crisis is catalyzing a social, economic, and energy revolution, we will only repeat old paradigms of exploitation unless we understand that our crisis is rooted in a dualistic consciousness. The consciousness that is wedded to “subject” in relationship to “object,” while fundamental to our everyday experience, veils the truth of our …continue

Letter from the Publisher: Vandana Shiva

Hello friends, Vandana Shiva is one of the most outspoken and powerful advocates for food justice and biodiversity in the world today. She is a tireless advocate for traditional systems of food production and the rights of women who are often at the center of such work. I have followed her activities with interest for …continue

From Her Body Sprang Our Greatest Wealth, Part 1

Guest post by Thanissara In our latest Sacred Activism title, Time to Stand Up, author Thanissara calls readers to action in the fight against anthropogenic climate change and other social, economic, and environmental ills. Contrary to what some may believe, Buddhism and activism go hand in hand; here, in her two-part guest post, Thanissara explains …continue

Bringing Climate Change into Dharma Practice

by Thanissara “Bringing Climate Change into Dharma Practice” is from this month’s new release, Time to Stand Up by Thanissara, coauthor of Listening to the Heart. Bringing Climate Change into Dharma Practice I’ve heard people say that climate change is “political” and therefore inappropriate to bring into Dharma gatherings. While many medication groups and retreats focus on the …continue

“Just a Little Spill”

Guest Post by Liz Cunningham   Nearly 100 miles of California coastline, and all of those who inhabit the area, have been affected by last month’s oil spill in Santa Barbara. For those wanting to help, Liz Cunningham, author of the forthcoming book Ocean Country, offers some advice.   “Just a Little Spill”   “Residents to …continue