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Fifty Shades of Grey and the Rise of Control Addiction

by Jalaja Bonheim Last month, author E.L. James released yet another installation in the wildly popular series Fifty Shades of Grey, this time from the perspective of Christian Grey, a billionaire entrepreneur with a penchant for sexual bondage, dominance, and sadism. The book quickly joined the rest of the series on bestseller lists nationwide proving, in the …continue

“Back to Peru” from Talking Story

by Marie-Rose Phan-Lê In this beautiful excerpt from her book, Talking Story, Marie-Rose Phan-Lê takes readers into the rain forest to walk with Don Pablo, a Peruvian shaman. It offers a brief but wonderfully vivid depiction of his environment and the wisdom he passes to students in these changing times.   Back to Peru Why …continue

“The Inner Treasure Hunt” from Soulshaping

by Jeff Brown Here is an inspiring excerpt from Soulshaping by Jeff Brown. Rivetingly personal and profoundly universal, this book is for anyone who has heard a whisper of something truer calling out to them amid the distractions of modern life. Brown’s dramatic and often funny story takes readers through remarkably human experiences—emotional, physical, and economic—as …continue

New Release: The Naked Voice

In The Naked Voice, author, vocal expert, and visionary Chloë Goodchild provides readers with the tools and insight necessary to discover, nurture, and harness the power of their inner voices. Each person has a unique naked voice, the song of his or her soul. In today’s world, it’s easy to be pulled in 85 different …continue

“Vocal Self-Portrait” from The Naked Voice

by Chloë Goodchild In honor of Self Discovery Month this month, we’re sharing a great section from Chloë Goodchild’s The Naked Voice, a book full of exercises and insight into the spiritual nature of expressing ourselves vocally. Thinking and writing about the story of your voice is an invaluable tool for better understanding yourself and your own story. We hope you’ll take …continue