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Read a chapter from Holistic Tarot

  Described as “the essential guidebook for serious students of tarot” by Joan Bunning (author of Learning the Tarot), Holistic Tarot is just that. Covering the history, etiquette, and technique of reading tarot, this comprehensive text covers any topic a beginner or professional tarot reader may want to learn more about. Throughout the book, Benebell Wen moves away from …continue

New Release: Xenolinguistics

As psychonautic practices like ayahuasca consumption, shamanic rituals, ecstatic dance, and meditation become more mainstream vehicles for personal and spiritual exploration, it’s clear that people are seeking ways to unlock their consciousness, and gain a glimpse into the mysterious realm of the psyche. The first in-depth look at the relationships among language, consciousness, and psychedelics, …continue

New Release: Holistic Tarot

A modern alchemical achievement. Wen blends wisdom from the East and West, esoteric tarot traditions and contemporary psychology, and practical techniques, creating a unique approach… All tarot practitioners will find food for thought and inspiration in this ambitious work. – Barbara Moore, author of Tarot Spreads The tarot has survived for centuries as a mysterious, yet …continue

New Release: Healing Magic, 10th Anniversary Edition

Healing Magic reminds me that all things are infused with life. Robin Rose Bennett’s book is a wonderful treasure, clearly written, down to earth, and inspiring. —Rosemary Gladstar, author of Herbal Healing for Women In the herbal community, Robin Rose Bennett is second to none. Her deeply spiritual outlook, decades of clinical experience, and a …continue

New Release: Divine Love Astrology

What if we were to stop looking at astrology as a tool for divination and instead understand it as a way to attain self-knowledge and take responsibility for our lives? Divine Love Astrology: Revealing Spiritual Truth for Personal Transformation offers a fresh view of this ancient system, helping people understand their individual mission and find their …continue

Celebrating the Fall Equinox with Healing Magic

Fall is upon us, and with it comes crisp air, shorter days, and my personal favorite, pumpkin flavored everything. Tonight is the Fall Equinox— one of two times a year that night and day are of equal length.  In most traditions, this is cause for celebration, be it a harvest festival, an Oktoberfest, or just a …continue