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Real Ninja Secrets Recently Uncovered

From Enter the Dragon to Kill Bill, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to Naruto, and Mortal Kombat to Onimusha, the ninja figure has thoroughly cemented itself in 20 and 21st-century pop culture. Countless numbers of children dress up as ninjas for Halloween every year, and it’s not uncommon to run into products like the Ninja blender …continue

The Origins of Wudang Sword

Wudang Sword—it’s a form of Chinese swordplay that can be described as nothing other than graceful, beautiful and powerfully awe-inspiring. The first images to be conjured in the minds of many Americans are the spectacular dueling scenes in Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, the most famous example of Wudang Sword to sweep across the United States. …continue

Power of a Wing Chun Punch

Wing Chun is a form of martial arts designed to defeat larger and stronger opponents. Centuries ago, a Buddhist nun and Shaolin master, Yim Wing Chun mastered this fighting style, and the art of Wing Chun was born (yes…from a woman!). Wayne Belonoha has come out with a second volume of The Wing Chun Compendium …continue