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Book Review: The Creative Art of Living, Dying & Renewal

Book Review by Gilles Marin, author of Healing From Within with Chi Nei Tsang and Five Elements, Six Conditions. From their first word, “Mahalo,” the authors introduce us to the very heart of the spirit that gave birth to their beautiful book. Mahalo nui loa: gratitude, in Hawaiian culture, does not come as an empty word. It comes …continue

Electronic Books vs. Traditional Books: A Battle to the Death?

Since ebooks first appeared, people have debated whether or not this new media would come to replace traditional books, arguing over the advantages and disadvantages of each. The seemingly polarized dispute can sometimes make readers feel that they have to choose one side or the other, but is this really the case? Will the rising popularity …continue

The Emissary by Patricia Cori – Free Chapter

Chapter 1 – Earth Under Siege Nathan Beals punched out from work at precisely 6:00 p.m., smack in the middle of Los Angeles rush hour. After the most ballistic holiday shopping mania he had ever seen in his twenty-odd years working security at the mall, he finally had an entire weekend off. Exhausted, he dragged …continue

Austin Osman Spare, Father of Surrealism?

Excerpted from Austin Osman Spare by Mike Jay Surrealism reached London in the summer of 1936. Salvador Dalí had a show at the Alex, Reid and Lefevre gallery through June and July, and on 11th June the International Surrealist Exhibition opened to a crowd of about two thousand at the New Burlington Gallery, and went …continue

3 Poems by Pushcart Winner BJ Ward

Excerpted from Jackleg Opera: Collected Poems, 1990-2013 by BJ Ward Shotgun Wedding 2006 Originally in Jackleg Opera: New Poems (2013) Getting married ½ an hour before traffic court began, people thought we were speeding— not our mothers and fathers, there to witness the joy cemented into the place it grew— but rather the eyebrow raisers & …continue