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The Cree Healer Series, Part 1

Guest Post by David Young, Robert Rogers, and Russell Willier   In our June release, A Cree Healer and his Medicine Bundle, medicine man Russell Willier, anthropologist David Young, and ethnobotanist Robert Rogers offer readers entrée into the sacred world of the Cree healing arts. In an attempt to preserve Native wisdom before it’s too …continue

Letter from the Publisher: International Herb Symposium

North Atlantic Books’ Publisher and Executive Director writes about an event he recently attended, where he spoke with a number of our authors and learned about an interesting ongoing case.  I was thrilled to attend the International Herb Symposium in mid-June at the beautiful campus of Wheaton College in Norton, Massachusetts. The symposium, founded by Rosemary Gladstar, …continue

“Travel First Aid” from The Parent’s Guide to Homeopathy

by Shelley Keneipp With summer in full swing and travel season at its peak, we’d like to share some of Shelley Keneipp’s travel tips for parents. For those planning to fly with their children, this excerpt from The Parent’s Guide to Homeopathy should be invaluable! Check out a copy of the book for additional cures to common travel ailments, as well …continue

Homeopathic Remedies: Summer Camp Kit

Guest Post by Shelley Keneipp Shelley Keneipp, author of The Parent’s Guide to Homeopathy: Safe, Natural Remedies for Children from Newborns through Teens, shares her “Summer Camp Kit” of homeopathic remedies to common summer injuries and illnesses. For more information on taking care of your children safely, gently, and effectively with homeopathy check out her upcoming book!   Homeopathic …continue

What We Can Learn from Our Pets

Excerpt from Animal Wisdom by Linda Bender; pet photos from NAB staff Since June is National Adopt a Cat Month, we’re posting an excerpt from Linda Bender’s Animal Wisdom about the joys of living with animal companions, as well as some photos of staff pets. We hope you feel inspired to spend some extra time with your …continue

New Release: A Cree Healer and His Medicine Bundle

  ABOUT THE BOOK Until recently, it was taboo for Native American healers to talk about their medicine, and to share their healing knowledge. But now, and with A Cree Healer and His Medicine Bundle, Russell Willier has realized that the traditional medicinal knowledge that’s been passed down from the elders who came before him …continue