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A Birthday Prayer from Matthew Fox

Guest post by Matthew Fox, author of Confessions We need to remember that Christmas Day is not so much a birthday party for the baby Jesus in the year 2015—an exercise in nostalgia, certainly—so much as it is a birthday party for the Christ in all of us, the Buddha nature in all of us, …continue

Embracing Your Family’s Story This Holiday Season

Envisioning and embracing the family as a whole brings connection and peace to the holiday season. Guest post by Francesca Mason-Boring, author of Connecting to Our Ancestral Past Our Western, particularly American, consciousness is rife with blame. Therapy often consists of identifying who should be held accountable for our lot, and analysis of the dysfunction of …continue

The Cree Healer Series, Part 5

Guest Post by David Young, Robert Rogers, and Russell Willier   Last time, the authors of A Cree Healer and His Medicine Bundle discussed the categorization of plants, both scientifically and in keeping with Cree orthography. Here, they talk about another big challenge in writing their book: revealing enough information about Russell’s medicine bundle to be effective while still …continue

The Cree Healer Series, Part 4

Guest Post by David Young, Robert Rogers, and Russell Willier   Last week, David, Robert, and Russell tackled the logistical challenges they faced when researching and compiling A Cree Healer and His Medicine Bundle. Today, they discuss the process of identifying and naming plants Russell uses in his practice. You can read the previous posts here: Part …continue

From Her Body Sprang the Greatest Wealth, Part 2

Guest Post by Thanissara While our climate crisis is catalyzing a social, economic, and energy revolution, we will only repeat old paradigms of exploitation unless we understand that our crisis is rooted in a dualistic consciousness. The consciousness that is wedded to “subject” in relationship to “object,” while fundamental to our everyday experience, veils the truth of our …continue