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3 Ways to Promote Personal Health & Ecological Well-Being

As I sit down to write this, looking out the window from my house in northern Vermont, we’ve recently transitioned into spring. But unlike many other past transitions out of winter, this year’s change isn’t from cold, snow, and ice into more warmth, sunshine, and the green of new grass. While the temperature is increasing …continue

Climate Change, Morality, and Social Change

Guest Post by Liz Cunningham We tend to have collective amnesia about how social change occurs. I’ve been asking myself over and over lately, Where does change come from? It happens right smack in the middle of mindsets that tell us that whatever it is we want to change is so intrinsic to the way …continue

Cannabis Is a Gateway Drug! (But It’s Not What You’ve Been Told)

Okay, let’s start this way: synapses that fire together wire together. What? Stay with me. A synapse (more specifically a synaptic cleft) is an empty space (a gateway) between nerve cells. This is true for the entire brain and for all those super highways of connections called our nervous system(s). When we touch a toe …continue

Meeting the Women of Palestine

Invisible and oppressed—that’s our stereotype of Arab women. But here I am, leading a retreat in the West Bank for forty Palestinian women who seem every bit as powerful as any of my Western sisters. Most are Muslim, a few are Christian, and the four of us who have come from the US are Jewish. …continue

The March Solar Eclipse: An Otherworldly Opportunity

The first Supermoon—when the moon is at its perigee, or closest point to Earth—of 2016 also coincides with the year’s first solar eclipse. If you’re not one of the lucky few in its path of totality, you may still be able to get a glimpse of a partial eclipse if you live in parts of …continue

The History of Malaria & New Cannabidiol Treatment

Guest post from Cannabis Health Index author Uwe Blesching Adapted from CHI Magazine Malaria is a worldwide tropical disease that puts about half the world’s population at risk, with people of the poorest nations being the most vulnerable. To make matters worse, malaria is growing resistant to available drugs. It is estimated that each year, 330 …continue