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Bill Morrison Changes the Soup Kitchen Forever

On January 16th, 2009, Maine made history with the lowest temperature the state had ever reached: 50 below zero. Thankfully, this temperature isn’t anywhere near the average, but the state does remain bitterly cold in the winter months. Locals barricade themselves indoors, yank on an extra pair of wool socks, and eat dinner at their …continue

Grow Your Own Food: Sprouts

In Rawlicious: Delicious Raw Recipes for Radiant Health, Peter and Beryn Daniel, two former bread-and-butter chefs turned raw, show that you don’t have to forsake flavor or flair to enjoy a healthy meal. Praised by Victoria Boutenko as “a precious gift to all food lovers,” Rawlicious is quickly becoming an essential resource for novices and …continue

Decadent Raw Food Dessert Recipe: Dream Bars

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we are pleased to offer our readers this special raw food recipe for a dessert that everyone’s sure to love! It’s from one of our favorite recipe books, The Raw Transformation: Energizing Your Life with Living Foods by Wendy Rudell (with a foreword by—who else?!—David Wolfe). So if …continue

Chocolate in the Raw

Healthy dessert is not an oxymoron. And to prove it, here’s a gorgeous collection of raw vegan cheesecakes, pies, cookies, ice creams, and chocolates—all totally free of refined sugars, partially hydrogenated oils, and preservatives. Penned by the dessert chefs at Cafe Gratitude, Sweet Gratitude: A New World of Raw Desserts is a lavishly illustrated and …continue

Interview with John McCabe, Author of Sunfood Living

John McCabe is one of the leading lecturers and authorities on raw food nutrition in the world today. His new book, Sunfood Living: Resource Guide for Global Health, offers solutions and improvements for the consumerist lifestyle that is plaguing society today. He addresses the intimately related subjects of health and the environment, raising awareness while …continue

The Warrior Within Podcast Series Hosted by Ori Hofmekler

Ori Hofmekler is the author of The Warrior Diet, The Anti-Estrogenic Diet, and the recently released Maximum Muscle, Minimum Fat. Every Wednesday, at 9am PST, on VoiceAmericaHealth, Ori offers a live podcast as a part of The Warrior Within: Your Guide to Nutrition, Energy, Sex, and Survival. Past podcasts include “The Three Hidden Obstacles to …continue