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Occupy Spirituality: Addressing Fear, Hope, and Generosity (Excerpt)

In this excerpt from Occupy Spirituality, Matthew Fox, a theologian, and Adam Bucko, a spiritual activist and mentor to homeless youth, share their thoughts on the Occupy Movement, the Tea Party, and how courage and generosity in the face of anger and outrage can change the world. ADAM BUCKO: I love it when Chris Hedges says …continue

Celebrating the Fall Equinox with Healing Magic

Fall is upon us, and with it comes crisp air, shorter days, and my personal favorite, pumpkin flavored everything. Tonight is the Fall Equinox— one of two times a year that night and day are of equal length.  In most traditions, this is cause for celebration, be it a harvest festival, an Oktoberfest, or just a …continue

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David Wolfe Explains the Benefits of The Beauty Diet

David Wolfe writes, Beauty is such a precious commodity. The potential of beauty is so great that it is never given away freely. “Something for nothing” is against the flow of nature. “Anything worth having is worth working for” was Andrew Carnegie’s important insight. If you desire vibrant beauty, you must earn it, step by …continue

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Animal Wisdom: Learning from the Spiritual Lives of Animals (An Excerpt)

Linda Bender, D.V.M. writes: In the hour before the 2004 tsunami struck, many people noticed that the animals were acting weird. Cicadas stopped rattling and birds stopped singing. Dogs refused to go outdoors. Elephants trumpeted in alarm and stampeded toward the hills. Relative to the human population, very few animals were drowned. They seemed to …continue

Austin Osman Spare, Father of Surrealism?

Excerpted from Austin Osman Spare by Mike Jay Surrealism reached London in the summer of 1936. Salvador Dalí had a show at the Alex, Reid and Lefevre gallery through June and July, and on 11th June the International Surrealist Exhibition opened to a crowd of about two thousand at the New Burlington Gallery, and went …continue

3 Poems by Pushcart Winner BJ Ward

Excerpted from Jackleg Opera: Collected Poems, 1990-2013 by BJ Ward Shotgun Wedding 2006 Originally in Jackleg Opera: New Poems (2013) Getting married ½ an hour before traffic court began, people thought we were speeding— not our mothers and fathers, there to witness the joy cemented into the place it grew— but rather the eyebrow raisers & …continue