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Our Day of Service Restoring Wetlands at Eden Landing

One of my favorite things about working at North Atlantic Books is that we don’t just put out books about making the world a better place—we go out in to the world and make it happen! This is what our day of service is all about. Volunteering is an awesome opportunity to get away from our desks for an afternoon, and …continue

Vandana Shiva’s Earth Democracy

North Atlantic Books is excited to be working with Vandana Shiva as her publisher in the United States. Over the next year we’ll be rolling out several of her previously published books, including Earth Democracy, which is available in bookstores everywhere today. We’ll also have two new books from her, Seed Sovereignty, Food Security, and Who Really Feeds the World? available next spring and …continue

Message from Linda Tucker: One United Roar

Reposted from the Global White Lion Protection Trust Newsletter   Our world has shifted since the murder of Cecil, the Zimbabwean Lion. Poignantly, a group of Leadership Academy students and myself were doing blessings for the earth, with a Zimbabwean Lion Medicine Man, Mandaza, at the time of the notorious and senseless slaying. However, after …continue

Letter from the Publisher: Building Resilient Communities Convergence

Hello friends, October is a busy month, filled with exciting events and opportunities for engagement, such as Bioneers and the Science and Nonduality Conference, both proudly sponsored by North Atlantic Books. As I write, I am just returning from the Building Resilient Communities Convergence in Hopland, California, collaboratively organized by a group of dedicated Bay …continue

Reflections on the 26th Annual National Bioneers Conference

By Tim McKee Raising fists in salute; rising to ovation; feeling tears roll down the cheek; shaking hips to a universal beat: this was how I spent this past weekend at the 26th annual Bioneers Conference. Although I was there nominally to represent North Atlantic Books and work our tent, in a truer sense I …continue

Northern California Permaculture Convergence 2015

Last weekend, North Atlantic Books sponsored the Tenth Annual Northern California Permaculture Convergence at the Solar Living Institute in Hopland, CA. It was an incredible gathering of individuals dedicated to developing a culture that cares for its people and its planet. The focus of the weekend was on building resilient communities, and included keynotes, workshops, and panel discussions with Starhawk, Toby …continue