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How Yoga Changed My Life

North Atlantic Books’ yogi lifestyle coach Dashama shares her journey from student to teacher through her transformative experiences with her yoga practice. * Life Before Pranashama Yoga The front cover of any beauty magazine is enough to drive me insane. I flip through the pages and photo after photo, I begin to hate myself more …continue

How Stretching Affects Our Body and Mind

Don’t we all know how important it is to stretch, especially after a strenuous physical performance? What we might ignore is that it is crucial not only after doing sports but also before, as well as throughout the entire day. As an enthusiastic amateur runner, stretching is no foreign word to me. However, let’s face …continue

What is Your Yoga Class Theme?

Creating fresh and meaningful yoga classes is one of the most fulfilling aspects of teaching yoga. Whether you teach a set sequence style like Ashtanga Vinyasa or Bikram or fashion your own sequences, every class is an opportunity for you and your students to contribute to the creative evolution of yoga. Yet this creative process …continue