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Mindful Movement: A Q&A with Theodore Dimon

In his new book, Neurodynamics, author Theodore Dimon explores the principles and practice of mindfulness in action. We caught up with him to get a better sense of how we can build a better working understanding of our own bodies; how integrated, mindful movement can improve our overall health; and how to apply this knowledge to our everyday lives.   North …continue

Wishing, Attending, and Non-Doing

Exercise adapted from Neurodynamics by Theodore Dimon   Our muscles work automatically as part of a total system, and we won’t bring about an improved functioning of this total system by working with parts, but only by thinking about the whole. We’ve got to get away from the idea that our objective is to correct specific …continue

The Tyranny of the Past

Excerpt from Trauma and Memory  by Dr. Peter A. Levine   In his newest book Trauma and Memory, Dr. Peter Levine (creator of the Somatic Experiencing approach) tackles one of the most difficult and controversial questions of PTSD/trauma therapy: Can we trust our memories? Building on his 45 years of successful treatment of trauma, Dr. Levine acknowledges …continue

Enhance Your Yoga Practice with Jo Ann Staugaard-Jones

Excerpted from The Concise Book of Yoga Anatomy by Jo Ann Staugaard-Jones: People do yoga for many reasons; whatever the basis, yoga is always a path to truth. This can be blocked if there is pain. My contribution in teaching Yoga Anatomy and Kinesiology is to help people be free from injury in asanas, and to …continue

New Release: The Vital Glutes

Although dysfunctional gluteal muscles often cause pain in the lower backs, shoulders, knees, or ankles of people who exercise regularly, few understand this correlation. Now, physical therapists and athletes alike can begin to learn the effect “glutes” have on other parts of the body, and how to prevent or treat associated pain. The first book of …continue