Men and Women: Are We the Same or Different?

Posted by – September 27, 2012
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Love between a man and a woman is anything but simple today. Both sexes are attempting to assume their identities and roles with seemingly no clear guidelines or maps. In our attempt to understand and live harmoniously with the opposite sex, are we projecting unrealistic ideals and expectations onto our partners? In striving for equality are we denying our uniqueness?

Unity in Diversity

There have been numerous valid studies showing definitive differences in hormones, biochemistry, and brain wave patterns of men and women.[1] With that in mind, modern society has made many strides in promoting the equality of sexes; despite obvious differences, one cannot deny our complimentary attributes, each sex contributing unique aspects, creating a potentially harmonious whole.

Rhodonite emits an energy of unconditional love, removing separative barriers and encouraging unity and brotherhood. It is a stone of forgiveness, providing insight during misunderstandings.

Accepting the Differences

We all know of the old adage that understanding breeds tolerance; it is the platform for breaking down any separative barriers, including gender differences. Criticize and reject the opposite sex and we reject a part of ourselves, regardless of gender. So how can we better comprehend the male or female polarity and feel more integrated as a couple and within ourselves?

‘Isis Quartz’ is named after the Egyptian Goddess Isis, and can be identified as a five-sided shape, forming one of the faces of a crystal. It is said to emit a feminine energy of self healing, transformation, compassion and integration. Working or meditating with this crystal can help us to understand and accept the feminine force within all of us, man or woman.

The ‘Sceptre Quartz’ is recognized as a crystal ‘head’ that has been penetrated by a crystal ‘rod’; it is actually a larger crystal that forms over an existing base and resembles a phallus. It emits a male energy and is a symbol of power. It harnesses the force of Spirit expressed in nature. The sceptre teaches the correct use of power, penetrating the heart chamber and stimulating the urge to create constructively. With this quartz, one can better comprehend, accept and utilize the male energy, regardless of gender.

We know that there is not one fingerprint in this entire world that is alike. We are each unique and special regardless of gender, race and religion. While this may be so, we are essentially more alike than different. We all strive, struggle, love, fail and succeed. In acknowledging and accepting our differences we acknowledge our essential ‘sameness’ in our basic humanity.

We are in an exciting time in the western world where men and women have the opportunity to work together, both polarities having the opportunity to express their highest potentials, one in harmony with the other. Same or different, the goal should be mutual cooperation and respect, however the outer package may be dressed.

[1] The Group of 5. Crystals and Stones: A Complete Guide to Their Healing Properties, Paume de Saint-Germain Publishing and North Atlantic Books, Montreal, Quebec, 2010, 287 p.

Featured image by Didier Descouens (Own work) [CC-BY-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons


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