How to Heal Repressed Memories with Crystals and Stones

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Our memories are an integral part of what makes us human. Some we cherish, some we may prefer to forget, while others are deeply buried in the recesses of a mind not yet ready to face certain truths.

We may try to forget, to avoid, to run, but our memories always seem to catch up with us somehow. Our anxieties and occasional melancholic moments may seem inexplicable to us, as we occupy ourselves as much as possible so as to avoid remembering and feeling the pain locked in past experiences.

The trouble is, these undigested memories remain trapped in our physical/etheric and emotional bodies even if we choose not to look. Problems arising from unassimilated memories are simply a way for our bodies to communicate their need to release the weight that ‘holding on’ imposes on them. The harder we try not to look, the bigger and heavier the strain and burden, until eventually the emotional or physical body gets unbalanced and possibly even ill.

What are the symptoms of undigested memories? Obsessing over one or more events again and again while feelings of anger, hurt, shame, guilt, fear and bitterness grow. Another sign is a solar plexus that is tense and taught, problems digesting, and breathing that is short and shallow. There is also anxiety, panic, inexplicable sadness, depression, addiction…

Breaking our patterns of behavior in order to instigate authentic change will always remain a difficult challenge unless we choose to examine their roots. Our memories contain the secrets to our perception and belief systems that keep us repeating the same errors again and again.

Choosing to Let Go

Making the decision to let go of the past naturally implies a need to face it head on. This takes courage, yet it also signifies a desire to heal and transform. Facing the past does not mean living in the past, but rather piercing through the memories in order to release the emotion that has kept us prisoner; we can thereby integrate the experiences rather than letting them continue to hurt us.

It’s a little like a dam, holding back the waters for so long that cracks and fissures are beginning to form, causing leaks and spills. Rather than patching up the cracks and continuing to tolerate the unbearable pressure, we choose to bring the dam down to re-establish the natural flow of water.

MalachiteHow Do We Prevent a Flood?

If we observe a rock in a river, we can notice how the rolling water flows over and around it, smoothing and refining it over time. Regardless of the intensity of the flow, the rock remains steady and strong while allowing the water to do what it will.

Stones and crystals are a stable source of comfort and release while working on the past. Just like the rock in the river, they remain present and dependable regardless of the intensity of the emotional waters.

The bright yellow color of Citrine vibrates to the naturally yellow tone of the solar plexus, brightening the darker corners of our perceived reality. It helps to digest memories locked in the solar plexus, unblocking, while also dissipating stagnant energies. Citrine is known to encourage the integration of experience, helping with the assimilation of what belongs to us, while urging us to throw out what is not really ours, such as deeply programmed beliefs that come from parents.

Malachite, also at the solar plexus, brings old traumas and past experiences to the surface to be powerfully transformed. It is a potent emotional purifier, releasing inhibitions and fears.

Azurite, at the third eye, helps us to travel deep within our being, guiding us toward the integration of visual images and memories, eventually bringing us to a state of ‘no-mind.’

Dioptase, at the third eye, heart, or solar plexus, transmits the message that ‘yesterday is but a memory, tomorrow is not real, so live today.’ It guides to the root of the problem and transmits the message that the inner reality of the memory is not just our own perception of it, thereby encouraging integration and release. Known as a ‘heart healer,’ its deep, green ray soothes and heals the wounds of the past.

When we feel down, we tend to focus on negative memories, which serve to reinforce our pessimistic views of ourselves and the world. Pyrite is a ‘golden’ stone that aids in the recall of pleasant memories, reminding us of moments of love and friendship. It thereby helps us to shift our focus to the beauty of life.Azurite

Any of these stones can be placed for approximately 15-20 minutes at a time while breathing deeply. They can also be held in the hands while meditating, relaxing, or working through past memories for as long as needed. Much of the work is done energetically and over time; a conscious 15 minute session can trigger a series of inner and outer ‘happenings’ towards integration and healing. It is only necessary to trust in your stone and in your own ability to follow the liberating changes that can take place.

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