Upcoming Event: Crop Circles, Jung & the Reemergence of the Archetypal Feminine Webinar

Posted by – May 27, 2015
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What: A four-part online exploration of the science, history, and symbolic meaning behind crop circles
Four consecutive Sundays, beginning June 21
Online, via SynchCast
Register before May 31: $79.00; register after May 31: $97.00.

Crop Circles, Jung & the Reemergence of the Archtypal Feminine Webinar

Hosted by Gary Bobroff


Session One: Science & History of Crop Circles
Come together and get grounded in the reality of this phenomenon’s genuine mystery. The grain in genuine crop circles remains alive and growing! Look at the cellular, electromagnetic, germinal, and physical changes to the plants themselves and see historic examples from 17th century up to 2015.

Session Two: Agency and Shadow, Mandala & the Archetypal Self
Our responses to crop circles and our theories about them tell us more about ourselves than about the phenomenon. Examine how we project our shadow onto the unknown and explore crop circles’ relationship to the Archetypal Self—our inner connection to the timeless, to harmony, and to recovery from imbalance.

Session Three: Grain & the Goddess, the Archetypal Feminine in the Time of Over-Masculine Imbalance
Jung characterized our era’s primary illness by our preference for masculine solutions and responses over feminine ones.  The Archetypal Feminine, symbolized throughout time by the seed that “dies and is reborn,” by grain and the miracle of life, reminds us of our natural and sacred connection to the world around us and leads us back toward humble appreciation of the mystery and love alive in our world.

Session Four: Just for You! What Does It Mean that We’re in a Field-Relationship with the Mystery of Crop Circles?
Formations sometimes seem to appear in relation to the researchers that are pursuing them. If this happens for them, then all of our engagement with their phenomenon matters. Explore unique documents connecting Jung, the Archetypal Feminine, and the mystery of crop circles.

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