Summer Vacation: The Many Adventures of Uwe Blesching

Posted by – July 27, 2016
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As part of our Summer Vacation Series, we caught up with Uwe Blesching, to share some of his travel philosophies.

Blesching is the author of The Cannabis Health Index: Combining the Science of Medical Marijuana with Mindfulness Techniques To Heal 100 Chronic Symptoms and Diseases, which combines evidence-based insights from more than 1,000 studies from cannabinoid and consciousness research to present a convincing case for the powerful healing effects of medical marijuana. Originally from Germany, Blesching now makes his home in Berkeley, California. He travels frequently, usually for several months at a time, and often in connection with his work and writing. Most recently he has visited Jordan, Germany, Iceland, and Thailand. Last year, we shared a fascinating account of his trip to Accra, Ghana, where he traveled to learn more about the natural prevention and treatment of malaria and witnessed first-hand the remarkable practices of traditional bonesetters.

We asked Uwe about his philosophy of travel—what makes it worthwhile, how he approaches it, what he hopes to glean.

DSC00372When I travel I want a sense of adventure. For me, that means setting out to find a rare treasure. I once spent several weeks in sub-Saharan West Africa in search of an extremely rare and wild psychotropic plant called Tabernathe iboga. Difficult to cultivate, this small but beautiful shrub is sought after in the wild by both local shamans and the pharmaceutical industry. Wild crafted ibogaine contains potent alkaloids that have been discovered to end hardcore addiction and withdrawal from heroin in a single session. It is also one of the longest lasting and most powerful hallucinogens known to humans. As I discovered both firsthand and from conversations with others who participated in iboga ceremonies, one can expect profound life-changing experiences after ingesting the plant, though it often involves severe vomiting and the necessity of confronting intense emotional, mental, and spiritual information.

The only shrub I was able to find was in Limbe, Cameroon. Traveling to places like this necessitates managing exposure to tropical bugs and the parasites they frequently carry, preferably with natural remedies. On this particular trip I tested a homeopathic approach to sting prevention I learned from an Indian homeopath. It worked wonders. Everybody around me was being eaten up while I did not sustain a single bite.

For more information about on malaria, Chagas Disease, intestinal worms, and Leishmaniasis, please take a look at my articles. Pictured above: me with the only Tabernathe iboga I was able to find.

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