Statement from NAB on Roe v. Wade

Posted by – May 06, 2022
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NAB supports reproductive justice and bodily autonomy.

As a justice- and equity-focused organization, we believe that all people have the right to determine if, when, and how they choose to carry or terminate a pregnancy. 

Each of our lives is affected, directly or indirectly, knowingly or silently, by the right to have an abortion. We also recognize that we don’t each face the same impact: the weight of this decision will be born disproportionately—and by design—among the people most marginalized by our culture and society.

NAB supports our staff, business partners, and authors in taking the time and space they need to grieve, reflect, and take action. Within our organization, our industry, and society at large, we work every day to dismantle and fight back against systems of oppression like patriarchy and white supremacy. In the coming weeks we are donating $7,500 to organizations working to ensure access to abortion care. 

In addition to donating to organizations that center abortion access and reproductive justice, we encourage you to research and contribute to abortion funds in your community that support not only abortion care but necessary travel, financial, and childcare assistance. 

In solidarity,

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