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How to Cope with the Ascension Process

The word “ascension” generally refers to a physically upward motion through space. However, in the context of human spiritual evolution, this term describes the acceleration of the vibratory action of the atoms of the physical body through spiritual practices and exercises.1 Ascension in this sense is not so much a mystical experience as it is a scientific one. The electrons that compose the atoms of an individual’s inner and physical auric bodies vibrate at the speed of the consciousness of that individual. The slower the vibrations, the more connection an individual has with like vibrations of the lower densities on Earth. At the same time, the awakening consciousness of individuals who desire to fulfill their Divine Plan will quicken their vibrations. As a result, they will become more sensitive and receptive to the vibrations of the higher realms.2 By moving into higher frequencies, a physical, emotional, and spiritual transformation occurs as individuals evolve beyond what they used to be through anchoring layers of Light into the physical body. Thus raising and expanding your consciousness raises your own personal energy vibration signature.

Ascension is the name used for this expansion process whereby all humanity begins to integrate the new and higher ways of living with the new energies now available on the planet. Through the free will of the individual, the release of the accumulation of self-created negativity, and the focused effort to raise and sustain one’s vibrations in a state of harmony, peace, and love, a person can achieve Ascension.3 The goal of Ascension is to raise one’s vibratory frequency to such a level of consciousness that it merges with the I AM Presence.

Ascension in the context of spiritual and planetary evolution is the natural outcome of merging our energy fields into complete and perfect alignment. The more intense and pure the alignment, the more intense and pure will be the energies that move through us while on this plane of existence.4 According to esoteric teachings, there are seven realms (also called planes and spheres) of existence. These realms are often depicted as lying one above the other like shelves in a bookcase. However, all the realms interpenetrate.5 These planes in order of their density are the Physical realm, the Etheric realm, the Astral realm, the Mental realm, the Buddhic realm, the Atmic realm, and the Logoic realm. In the process of ascension, we as spiritual beings will experience, purify, and master all of the realms.6 Ascension means the elevation of consciousness and the development of a Light Body. Spiritual evolution can be challenging for many. As you move higher up the ascension ladder, you release what no longer serves you in the higher octaves. Ascension is a process and not an event. It is the process of raising the frequency of all the energy in the four lower bodies that include the cells of your physical body. You need a physical body that can sustain the energy to increase the vibrations of your auric bodies so you can hold the space for what is happening on the planet. This is a continual process of increasing and sustaining higher frequencies of energy. All of us have incarnated on Earth so we can be totally awakened to live from our Heart Center. In order to achieve this goal, we may need assistance to clear away any blocks to our path there. The process is different for everyone.

It would be beneficial for each of us to assess the mental prison we have constructed for our self. What are the bars holding us in our personalized prison? Are they beliefs, attitudes, and judgments? Do they really belong to us or have we absorbed them from our family and culture? Each of us has a unique style of behavior, with qualities that are both positive and negative. As we progress on our spiritual path, we eventually realize that the door to our mental prison was open all the time.

Now is the time to redesign our inner diagram. Instead of feeling helpless with the plight of being trapped in a prison of habits, it is time to focus beyond the bars and envision possibilities to escape our self-imposed bonds. Since every type of behavior and every individual is different, there is no standard timetable for change. All that is needed is a willing attitude and the desire to change. Then assume responsibility for your behavior. This includes owning your problems and taking full responsibility for your future—i.e., no longer blaming others. Once you’ve accepted this responsibility, you need to develop a plan of action that brings about the necessary changes, improvements, and healthy behaviors. No one else can do it for you…

Managing Ascension Stress

The first line of defense when you are undergoing stressful situations is to focus on your physical health. Most of us know the basic strategies: make sure you acknowledge your body’s sleep requirements; pay attention to nutrition choices; drink plenty of water to flush out bodily toxins; take time to experience some form of relaxation on a daily basis; and exercise daily. However, what can a person do when none of these makes a noticeable difference?

One of the keys to any type of change or healing situation is to recognize what needs to be different. Simply an acknowledgment that your present life is not working as you desire is very important. This is not an easy task for most, as it requires a deep search within the core of one’s Being. Once there, you must accept that you are off track with your soul’s purpose. After the awareness has been developed and accepted, it is time to form a strategy for healing and recovering. This is definitely a process. It took time to reach this state of realization, and it will take time to unwind the emotional ball of yarn that was created. Please remember that this is a journey to wholeness, and that the journey is one of the goals.

Are you aware that stress actually serves a purpose in your life? The body’s reaction to a stressful condition is a physiological manifestation of the basic survival instinct. This physical process prepares you to deal with any crisis by fortifying your body with increased adrenaline. Stress can also keep your life interesting and challenging. The tricky part is to discover how to maintain equilibrium. Follow your heart and intuition and trust what resonates with you.

The whole experience for this incarnation is a lifelong process of growth and development that is ongoing until we make our final transition. We are vacillating between third-dimensional and fifth-dimensional consciousness. As such, we are slowly adapting to the elevated frequencies, so our physical body does not become overloaded. Each of you is adjusting to this transitory time at a different pace, according to your Divine Plan, for your highest and greatest good, and after many incarnations.

As the vibrations of the Earth have been increasing, so have the vibrations of the individuals on the planet since we are all interconnected. Our advancement in frequency means advancement in consciousness. Dr. David Hawkins, a well-known psychiatrist and physician, researched for twenty years and developed a method to calibrate the full spectrum of the levels of consciousness that he calls the Map of Consciousness. Dr. Hawkins discovered that consciousness vibrates at whatever frequency our thoughts and feelings vibrate. Dr. Hawkins’s scale is from 0 to 1000. Zero to 20 on the scale reflects shame. Love vibrates at 500, and Enlightenment is 1000. Dr. Hawkins states that most of humanity vibrates below 200. However, he also brought forth the illuminating information that consciousness vibrating at higher frequencies has a counterbalancing effect on the lower frequencies. In addition, he discovered that it takes far fewer people vibrating in the higher frequencies to counterbalance great numbers of those who are holding a lower frequency. If you have not yet read his book Power vs. Force: The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior, I strongly recommend that you do so. It will become a great addition to your reference library.7

The energy of the Earth and that of the people on the Earth are closely tied. Since people are not balanced in their lives, much of their release results in inappropriate behavior. A higher vibrational level means that low-frequency vibrational patterns or blockages are released at an accelerated rate. This has resulted in massive releases all over the world among people. At this point in time, soon people will have to make a choice to either move to a higher vibrational level with the Earth or to leave the Earth plane entirely.

Due to the shift into Unity Consciousness that has been flooding the Earth, all who live here are being energetically affected in some manner. The mass consciousness is vacillating on a moment-to-moment basis between embracing duality or embracing Unity Consciousness, and this instability is not easy for anyone. Be aware that the new energy pulsations are creating havoc on the Earth plane and triggering considerable anger, fear, and anxiety. If you are challenged by the symptoms of this ascension transition, try the Violet Fire techniques (Chapter 6) and the Spiritual Power Tools (Chapter 7) within this book freely and daily in your life.

A primary step in coping with the ascension process is to reframe your outlook about the ascension stress you are experiencing. Begin to view it as a blessing, since it is alerting you to a problem in your life stream. It all signifies change of some manner. Accept it as an adventure. This is one of the main reasons you chose to incarnate on this planet at this auspicious time in the history of spiritual evolution. Everyone on the planet right now is involved with ascension as each physical body adjusts to a new and higher state of existence.

Next, concentrate on the breath. This will energize you, help you focus, decrease pain perception, and assist you in relaxing more deeply. Let your awareness be completely on the breath and follow its movement. Breathe in slowly through your nose. Breathe out with lips slightly parted, tip of tongue in the groove behind your teeth at the floor of the mouth. Breathe in evenly and deeply to the count of seven. Then exhale at your own pace, tapering to a peaceful, empty pause. Feel the moment of stillness after the exhalation. Breathing this way is a gateway to peace and relaxation.

Another tool for mastering ascension stress is to make a point of doing something each day that brings you joy and leaves you energized and refreshed. One example is to take time to be with nature. The energies of nature are easily absorbed and transformed by the body. Being in nature is balancing and cleansing to your aura.8 Awareness of the sky and seasonal changes can help open the mind for relaxation, as can the various colors in your immediate environment.

When your body’s ecology is out of balance due to stressful circumstances, it is vital that you have available the types of sensory options that can help you quickly gain equilibrium. Developing a healthy relationship with your body is key. Each of us is unique, so there is no one treatment that would be universally effective for all the aforementioned ascension symptoms. The best way to navigate this time is to avoid resistance and follow the flow of energy. Trust that this process is intended to support your evolutionary growth and that the destination will be truly worth the journey. Most importantly, keep in mind there is a global spiritual awakening taking place simultaneously of unprecedented significance. The Earth itself is involved in this ascension process as it undergoes the upward spiral of its evolvement. As we move into higher states of being and into the higher realms, we are doing so through the Earth itself.

There are a number of options for you to navigate through the ascension process to restore balance and address any disharmony. Movement moves any stuck chi, so stretch, walk, jog, dance, rebound, Zumba, or do some yoga. Also, sitting and doing deep abdominal breathing for ten minutes is a form of inner movement and can reduce stress. Whenever you become fearful, angry, depressed, or shut down, just move your muscles. This will assist you in moving through the stagnation of stuck patterns instead of continually repeating them. Take the time to tune into your body and notice the emotions or feeling states that are there. Mentally ask your Body Elemental (see Chapter 12) for help to ease any aches, pains, or worry, and listen to your body to find out what it wants or needs. Perhaps it will be a warm bath, or a color, or a nap. Symptoms may ease while listening to some uplifting music or a relaxing guided meditation.

You can also quickly reverse the effects of stress by employing sensory input that brings you back into balance. By utilizing the five senses you can soothe, comfort, and energize yourself. If you react to stress by becoming shut down, depressed, or spaced out, it will be most beneficial for you to move and get active. Try going for a brisk walk, dancing to upbeat music, Qigong, doing a few yoga stretches, or some jumping jacks. Anything that will move the stagnant chi through your body and release stresses held there would be beneficial.

If you are a person who is visual, it will be best for you to surround yourself with relaxing images such physically going to a garden, a park, or a beach. It is also effective if you just visualize the beauty of nature in your mind’s eye and incorporate each of your five senses in your visualization. If you are an auditory person, it will be helpful for you to listen to uplifting music or chants as well as recordings of nature (soundtracks of the sea or forest). If you tend to become agitated under stress, try surrounding yourself with aromas that are soothing and calming. Smell flowers or utilize flower essences such as lavender and rose: spritz the essences on a light bulb, light a scented candle, or burn some incense.

For your sense of touch, you can soak in a hot tub or bath, get a relaxing massage, or snuggle with a loved one, a pet, or a favorite comforting item. By experimenting with different sensations, you can discover a variety of sensory tools that will enable you to handle any stressful situation. Chanting and singing bring joy into the body and facilitate connection to the higher realms. Listening to Gregorian chants, Tibetan singing bowls, Solfeggio Frequencies, or other ancient or sacred sounds assists in changing your frequencies. It is very helpful to develop a support system of like-minded individuals, perhaps joining a group or community to share ideas and experiences. Re-evaluate your friends and acquaintances, and surround yourself with positive and supportive people. Locate a spiritual mentor or coach to provide you with direction. To stay in your heart, pay it forward whenever possible. Lastly, pray, meditate, and ask for inner guidance about how to relieve unpleasant symptoms.


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