Recipe Monday: Gabriel Cousens’ Sweet Sacred Buckwheat Challah

Posted by – December 07, 2015
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iStock_000061988942_DoubleBelow, Rabbi Gabriel Cousens, MD, shares a healthy take on challah. For more in-depth info on growing your own sprouts, check out this NAB favorite.

Sweet Sacred Buckwheat Challah

  • 5 cups buckwheat, sprouted
  • 2 cups figs, soaked and chopped
  • 8 tablespoons ground flaxseed

Separate dough into three equally sized strands and roll each into the ground flaxseed. Braid the three strands into one loaf and dehydrate. If you don’t have a dehydrator, you can use your oven; just turn it to the lowest setting and cook.


There are several methods for sprouting, including using a glass jar, a sprouting tube, sprouting basket, sprouting bag, or organic soil. Here’s how to grow sprouts in a glass jar:

  1. Soak hulled buckwheat in cool water for 4–6 hours.
  2. Drain and place in a glass jar with a fine-mesh screen secured over the top with a rubber band.
  3. Place the seeds in a dark area for 24 hours and then expose to indirect sunlight.
  4. Sprouts should be rinsed 2–4 times a day, by simply filling the jar with water, lightly swishing, and draining with the screen in place. Repeat this twice. For proper drainage, the jar should be stored upside down at an angle of 50 – 70° (an angled dish rack works well).
  5. When the sprouts reach their specified length, store them in the refrigerator to slow their growth and preserve their freshness.


Excerpted from Conscious Eating by Gabriel Cousens, MD.

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