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Halloween: It might be that you’re looking forward to picking up your spirits with a celebration after you realize that summer has definitely turned into fall, or it might be excitement at the prospect of donning a costume you’ve been brainstorming since last Christmas, but whatever it is, there’s no denying that Halloween is on the minds and lips of everyone. The creepiness associated with Halloween has infiltrated the whole month, and the North Atlantic Book Blog is not immune. Every Friday during October, prepare yourself for Real Encounters with the Supernatural.

Bob Frissell’s book entitled Nothing in This Book is True, But It’s Exactly How Things Are, now revised and expanded for its 15th Anniversary Edition, is perfect for our Real Encounters with the Supernatural series. The title tells you what you can expect: Frissell covers topics ranging from Grey aliens to the impending ice age to invisible extraterrestrials watching humans from a higher vibratory rate—topics that are either beyond truth and fiction, or that “officially” do not exist.

The following excerpt is from Chapter 13, “The Philadelphia Experiment.” In it, Frissell explains how a top-secret military project carried out in 1943 has dire implications. Enjoy the excerpt from Nothing in This Book is True, But It’s Exactly How Things AreNothing In this Book Is True but It's Exactly How Things Are.

The Philadelphia Experiment

At least on the surface, the Philadelphia Experiment (officially known as Project Rainbow) was a top-secret military experiment that attempted to make a battleship invisible. Yes, invisible! Did you see the movie of the same name? This happened in 1943, right in the middle of World War II. Making a battleship invisible is really not that difficult. All you have to do is take it into the next overtone and it is invisible to everyone on this dimensional level. Drunvalo says this is something that everyone can do; it’s the cloaking device of the Klingons. The technology for the Philadelphia Experiment came to us from the Greys. We wanted it to win the war, but they had very different reasons for helping us, which I will discuss later.

To go to the next higher dimensional overtone, you have to create counter-rotating fields of energy at very specific speeds. In the experiment, the government scientists got counter-rotating fields going based on a star tetrahedron. When you go from one-dimensional world to another, the counter-rotating fields shoot from nine-tenths the speed of light to the actual speed of light, which involves an incredibly complex series of whole-number harmonics that build upon each other.

The visual experience of this is that the space around you turns to a red fog and takes the shape of a flying saucer. The colors then progress through the whole rainbow very quickly, going from red to orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, and ultraviolet purple, and then to a blinding white light that slowly recedes. Any physical objects will appear to be made out of gold, which will slowly become translucent and then transparent. Then you are into blackness, and at this point you make a ninety-degree shift, which is done in two distinct forty-five-degree turns. Different dimensional worlds are all separated by ninety-degree angles. After the ninety-degree shift you reappear in a whole new world on a different dimensional level.

The Philadelphia Experiment, regardless of whatever was actually done, was a true-life episode carried out by the U.S. Navy in 1943. It involved the battleship USS Eldridge. The goal of the project was to make the ship invisible to radar, not totally invisible. In this experiment the colors went from red to orange to yellow to green—that much didn’t take very long—but at that point the researchers panicked and tried to shut it down, so they never got beyond that stage. It was like taking a jet a few hundred feet off the ground and then turning off the motors; the experiment interdimensionally crashed. The ship disappeared out of the Philadelphia Navy Yard for about four hours. When it reappeared some of the crew members were found literally imbedded in the deck, two were found in bulkheads, some were on fire, some didn’t come back at all, and some were repeatedly materializing and dematerializing. The survivors were all completely disoriented.

Two particular individuals jumped off in the middle of the experiment thinking they could swim away, but when they landed they found themselves not in the Philadelphia harbor but on Long Island, New York, in 1983. The reason they landed at this time was because a similar experiment, called the Montauk Project, was carried out in 1983 and was connected to the 1943 Philadelphia Experiment. These two individuals were brothers named Duncan and Edward Cameron.

Both experiments were conducted on August 12th of their respective years. According to Al Bielek, who claims to be Edward Cameron, one of the two men who jumped off the USS Eldridge, there are four bio-fields of the planet, and all four peak out every twenty years on the 12th of August—1943, 1963, 1983, 2003, etc. This creates a peak of magnetic energies at these times and also coupled the two experiments. The energies were sufficient to create a hyper-space field and caused the battleship USS Eldridge to slip into hyper-space during the 1943 experiment.

Bielek says the linking of the two experiments, which ripped a huge hole in space-time, was caused deliberately by the Greys who worked on the 1983 end. They did this to put a rift in the fabric of space-time so that large numbers of aliens and ships could come through. Evidently the hole was necessary to get large ships through and make a mass (silent) invasion of the United States. From that invasion came the joint U.S.–Grey treaty. In linear time, the 1983 Montauk Project came after the 1943 Philadelphia Experiment, but this experiment created a time-loop such that the way we conceive of linear time chronology no longer applies.

Drunvalo said he met Duncan Cameron through Pete Carroll, who at the time was a coach for the New York Jets. He also met a former government employee named Preston Nichols who was an engineer on the Montauk Project. Duncan was able to see the rotating fields around Drunvalo, something few people can do, and Drunvalo could see rotating fields around Duncan, although they were way out of balance.

It was Duncan’s spine that was used to run the fields in both the Philadelphia and Montauk experiments. That is just what life forms do—whales and dolphins, for example. The head of the pod uses his spinal column to set up an electromagnetic field around him, and everyone else in the pod is connected to that field. It is as though there is just one body with many separate cells in it. Whatever the lead being does, everyone else follows. This explains the phenomenon of beached whales: if the lead whale ends up on the beach for whatever reason, all the other whales in the pod will follow. They are acting as one body.

Anyway, Duncan Cameron was used in both experiments. The hole in space-time has created huge vortices of energy in the fourth dimension, which, according to Drunvalo, our government is very worried about. If these vortices of energy appear in our dimension, huge areas of the Earth could be destroyed—even the entire planet. However, according to Drunvalo, higher beings are not concerned about this; they say there is no problem.

Excerpted from Nothing in This Book is True, But It’s Exactly How Things Are by Bob Frissell, published by North Atlantic Books, copyright © 2009 by Bob Frissell Reprinted by permission of publisher.

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