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We’re about one month in to the New Year, but it’s not too late to get a healthy start! Victoria Boutenko is a leader in the green smoothie movement, and has authored several books on the subject, including Green Smoothie Revolution and Green for Life. Now, Boutenko shares with readers the secrets behind her fantastically popular retreats in her latest, Green Smoothie Retreat.

In this excerpt Boutenko explores some of the cleansing benefits of green smoothies… 



Chapter Eight: Why Green Smoothies?

In my family, we like to fast 24–36 hours each week on water, juices, or green smoothies. Of the different types of fasting that we have tried, the green smoothie cleanse is our favorite due to its outstanding results. A green smoothie retreat is the optimal format to detox and be nourished because green smoothies are cleansing and super nutritious at the same time.

We eat to gain energy. Paradoxically, the very process of digesting food utilizes up to 30% of your body’s energy.[1] Maybe you noticed that you feel sleepy after some heavy meals. On the other hand, when you eat lightly or have a break between meals for several hours, your body saves energy and often applies it toward inner cleansing. For the same reason, many people have an unpleasant taste in their mouth upon awakening in the morning, along with stiffness, headache, puffy face, crusty eyes, and other signs of detoxing at night.

The more toxic our food is, the bigger effort it takes to remove this poisonous waste from our organisms. After all eliminative channels become full of waste, some toxins get pushed into the spaces deep within vital organs, such as brain tissue, nerve cells, capillaries, bone marrow, and other places. The detoxing process usually starts after you haven’t eaten for several hours. The body begins to remove toxic matter from tissues all over the organism into the eliminating channels, such as lungs, skin, liver, kidneys, and the digestive tract. The longer you abstain from eating, the more thorough your detoxing is. Therefore, to perform a detox on a deeper level, the body needs more time than one night of sleep.

The high fiber content of green smoothies makes you feel full for several hours after each smoothie. Without fiber, complete elimination is nearly impossible, The human body is built miraculously in such a way that almost all the toxins from every part of the body, including millions of dead cells, daily end up in the human sewage system—the colon. The colon fills up with waste matter so full of poison that we look at it with disgust, not daring to touch it. In order to eliminate this matter, the body needs fiber. If we do not consume fiber, most of the toxic waste accumulates in our body, and most of the toxins are directed to the bowels. We have to eliminate many pounds of toxins regularly.

The lymphatic system performs detoxing on a much deeper level than the colon does. We can call the lymph fluid “the river of life” as it keeps flowing in your body all your life, protecting it from pathogens and toxins. According to Dr. Samuel West, if the lymph ever stops flowing, the body dies in less than 24 hours. The cleaner your lymphatic system is, the stronger your immunity. The lymphatic system drains fluid from various parts of the body and carries microscopic waste through the lymph nodes, where the lymph is cleared from pathogens and toxins. The cleared lymph is emptied back into the bloodstream and circulates around the body once more.

During your seven-day green smoothie cleanse, you will go through a deep detoxing process on many levels. As soon as your lymphatic system, liver, kidneys, and other organs participating in digestion are freed from most of the toxic waste, the absorption of important nutrients increases manifold, causing the nourishment that is necessary to repair your inner organs. You will then start to feel and look younger. Often, our participants tell us that their relatives, who come to the airports to pick them up after the retreat, are shocked with the participants’ youthful appearance. After one woman’s seven-day green smoothie retreat in Australia, her own mother passed her by because she looked ten years younger!

Another factor that makes a green smoothie retreat optimal for your nourishment includes the beneficial consumption of green smoothies four to five times daily. Green smoothies are digested quickly, usually in less than an hour. The body quickly removes an excess of water-soluble nutrients, such as most of the vitamin B family and vitamin C, and any intake above the usable amount will be excreted with the urine. At the same time, vitamin C and other acid-based nutrients are antioxidants that perform important tasks, such as neutralizing free radicals, lowering blood pressure, and fighting off viruses and infection. By consuming green smoothies four to five times a day for seven days straight, we reintroduce these important nutrients again and again into our system (I recommend sipping green smoothies slowly rather than gulping them quickly).

Contrary to many other kinds of fasting, the longer you live on green smoothies, the easier it becomes. I know many people who initially wanted to try going on green smoothies for a few days and instead they lived on green smoothies for many weeks or months. A friend of mine named Clent M. lived on green smoothies for one year and reversed all of his major health problems. Most people say that only the first couple of days are challenging. If you manage to keep on a program through the first few days, it becomes much easier and pleasant.

Green Smoothie Retreat by Victoria Boutenko is on sale now.

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