Power Stones: 4 Crystals to Spark Your Inspiration

Posted by – November 04, 2016
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For millennia, spiritual seekers and those looking to manifest positive energy have turned to the power of crystals. Whether you’re looking to attract opportunity, happiness, health, wealth, or love into your life, there are myriad stones—and combinations thereof—that can help you channel your hopes and intentions into reality.

Below are four crystals that can help you find your spark of inspiration. If you’re getting started on a new project, need to inject some motivation into a creative endeavor, or are in need of a eureka moment, try working with one (or more!) of the power stones below.


Blue Apatite

According to Robert Simmons, coauthor of The Book of Stones, blue apatite can help you reach your visionary state. “It is a stone of inspiration,” and is “capable of making [you] more susceptible to the ‘aha experience’ and crystallizes the answer to long-standing problems or questions.” This stone also has supernatural capabilities, and corresponds to the sixth chakra, or the third eye. If you’re waiting for inspiration to strike, blue apatite could give you the spark you need.

Green Garnets

“African green garnets are excellent natural grounders of abundant manifestation,” says Simmons, and are primed to help bring visions to fruition. “Their vibrational pattern creates an eager confidence, a motivation to get down to business and make things happen.” This is a good stone to use when you’re feeling stuck.


If you’re looking to boost your creative energy and inspiration, blue calcite might be the power stone for you. As Simmons notes, it facilitates your ability to tap into deep insights, and clears the way for you to refocus, protecting you from the “bombardment of other people’s thoughts and emotional energies.” It also “opens the inner avenue for conscious exploration of the unconscious realms, from which many creative ideas spring.” According to coauthor Nisha Ahsian, it also specifically helps the user overcome writer’s or artist’s block. “If you’re looking to connect with your muse…[blue calcite] eases the expression of creative thoughts and ideas,” says Ahsian.


Citrine is “one of the premier stones for the second chakra” (which corresponds with creativity) and is “capable of awakening the powers of creative imagination in even the most unconscious individuals!”—a pretty powerful endorsement. Citrine works on three different levels: it jumpstarts and clarifies your thinking process; it generates creative functioning; and it activates and enhances your willpower.

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