Power Crystal: Strength in Numbers

Posted by – January 27, 2017
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With all that’s going on in the world, you might be feeling discouraged or disappointed—it can be near-impossible to escape the media buzz and re-center. Try powering off the TV and focusing on your spiritual needs with some of our favorite stones for boosting strength and resilience.


KEY WORDS Strength, courage, purification, vitality
CHAKRAS Root (1st)
PHYSICAL Aids detoxification, blood purification; liver and endocrine system
EMOTIONAL Inspires courage to face illness and mortality, altruism, zest for life
SPIRITUAL Facilitates dispelling negative energies

Bloodstone is a great purifier, a healing tool for dispelling negative influences from the auric field and bringing one’s subtle energies into wholeness and balance. It grounds one fully in the body, for the enhancement of one’s strength, determination and courage. It increases vitality, and can aid one in facing physical mortality. It is a good talisman for those who are ill, even if curing the illness is not possible, because of its power to let one look unflinchingly at the truth. Bloodstone is a stone of noble sacrifice, and it can offer courage and solace. It can elicit the highest, most altruistic character traits in whoever carries or uses it.


KEY LarimarJSWORDS Calming, cooling, soothing to the emotional body, enhanced communication, feminine power, connection with goddess energies
CHAKRAS Third Eye (6th), Throat (5th)
ELEMENTS Water, Fire
PHYSICAL Aids Spiritual healing of throat issues and stress-related Illness
EMOTIONAL Promotes serenity, relaxation and strength of emotional self
SPIRITUAL Enhances one’s link to the Divine Feminine, aids in freeing oneself from unhealthy attachments

Larimar is a stone of tremendous benefit to the throat chakra, providing the power of clear communication and the emotional strength and stability that enable one to speak from the heart. It is a stone of feminine power, allowing one to access the Divine Feminine within. It supports a state of confident well-being and relaxed knowledge of one’s capacities. It soothes the emotional body, releasing stress and tension. Larimar can cool hot tempers and guide excess passion into peace. It can be used to diminish the frequency and intensity of hot flashes and is a useful antidote when kundalini energies are overactive. In meditation, Larimar can help one see and release oneself from unhealthy inner bonds to people or principles which do not serve one’s highest good. It opens the pathway to the “divine stair of ascension,” upon which one leaves behind any obsolete past commitments. Placing Larimar stones in one’s environment facilitates a pleasant, serene atmosphere.


MolybdeniteQuartzKEY WORDS Balance, grounding, strength, centeredness, stability, vitality, endurance
ELEMENTS Earth, Water
PHYSICAL Holds the vibrational pattern of optimal function for the body
EMOTIONAL Stabilizes the emotions, moderates fear, depression and anxiety
SPIRITUAL Balances one’s energies, engendering endurance and persistence in following one’s goals

Molybdenite Quartz is a stone of harmonization. It brings a sense of stability and moderates feelings of depression, fear and anxiety, reminding one that trust is the way to freedom and that love is its own reward. It has the capacity to unify and balance the entire chakra column, producing a feeling of calm well-being. It are ideal for stimulating and balancing weak chakras, and for clearing etheric remnants of psychological or physical wounds. It can transmit the beneficial properties of molybdenum in repairing the auric field and/or performing “psychic surgery.” Wearing or carrying Molybdenite Quartz supports one’s strength, vitality and endurance. It carries the blueprint of optimal function for the body, and resonates with the “body consciousness.” It is recommended for detoxification and maintenance of health.

Spiritually, Molybdenite Quartz speaks of holding one’s clear intention until goals are met and changes are manifested. It engenders loyalty, persistence, courage, resolve and strength of will. It helps one hang onto hope in the midst of difficulty, and stay grounded and centered during the heights of success. It is in some ways an emblem of the Tao, the flowing water of life that modestly persists until all barriers are overcome.

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