Planet X: Scientists Confirm What Patricia Cori Already Knew

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For as long as the sun has been classified as a star, astronomers and science fiction writers alike have wondered what exactly would happen to Earth if—and when—the sun dies. According to Daily Mail Online, expert astronomer Dimitri Veras of University of Cambridge has found evidence that in some cases, planets can not only survive a star’s death — they can actually be flung out by the supernova and into the orbit of another star, or even free-float in space, unattached.

To those who are familiar with the work of channeling expert and Sirian High Council messenger Patricia Cori, this finding is old news. In fact, scientists could have potentially saved a good deal of time by simply reading Cori’s 2008 book, Atlantis Rising: The Struggle of Darkness and Light, which lays out this exact scenario almost verbatim to the Daily Mail Online article in Chapter 4: “Nebiru: The Lone Ship.” According to Cori’s book, which unveils the compelling story of the mysterious lost continent of Atlantis, the controversial planet Nebiru, also known as Planet X, was flung from its orbit in another solar system, and pulled in by our own sun, Ra, before bouncing back into space. Planet X has been a topic of growing discussion in recent years, partly because it doesn’t appear that scientists can agree on whether or not it actually exists. Though NASA’s official statement is that they have found no evidence of Nebiru’s existence, interviews and articles from NASA and Naval astronomers from the 1980’s and 90’s contradict this statement. Below is an excerpt from Cori’s book, Atlantis Rising, which not only matches recent findings about planetary orbit, but explains why NASA may still be a bit stubborn to acknowledge this purportedly very large, and very important tenth planet in our solar system.

At a point in the space-time continuum so distant from your reality as to be undefinable in your terms, a great cosmic exchange occurred in our triunal solar system, which consists of three Solar Deities: Sothis, Satais, and Anu (identified by your astronomers, respectively, as Sirius A, Sirius B, and Sirius C). At the time of this cataclysmic change in our complex stellar body, the deity, Satais, collapsed, passing through her own astral chords and onto higher dimensional planes (much as your own Sun, Ra, is soon to do). What was left behind in the world of matter was, in stellar terms, a minuscule dwarf star of super dense matter, which was eventually pulled into an elliptical orbit around the dominant sister star, Sothis—as was the distant cousin, Anu.

Both continue to create disturbance and gravitational interference in the solar body of the great blue-white star, (the Dog Star) Sothis, which has been seen by your astronomers to wobble and shake from its vibrational exchange with its older siblings.

The collapse of Satais (Sirius B)—its ascension beyond material space—caused a monumental chain reaction through the entire Sirian system, out across the constellation of stars known to you as Canis Major and, indirectly, your solar system became involved in the dynamics of our evolution. For reasons too complex to describe to you at this point in your awareness of celestial dynamics, Nebiru, the most remote planet in Anu’s orbit, was knocked off its rotational path in the process and sent careening through space to eventually be grabbed by the gravitational pull of your star, Ra, drawn into your solar system, and then ricocheted back out into space. Other planet bodies circling Anu held their orbits, surviving the shock wave, while the planets orbiting Satais (Sirius B) were sucked into the vortex and through her astral chord, ascending with the Deity onto higher dimensional planes.
Such a colossal “boomerang” theory and the ensuing idea of sunless planets surviving in space may sound utterly preposterous to you, given your current understanding of astrophysics, but we ask you to bear in mind that you still observe the Universe from a 3D vantage point, where everything must somehow fit with your rather fixed ideas of how things “work” in your own “earthly” reality. The movements of the celestial bodies are enormously different than they are believed to be from the viewing stations of Planet Earth. Consider that your perspective is rather myopic, for you still experience your world as the center of the Universe—just as your forefathers believed it a flatland from which you could reach the edge and fall away into nothingness.

With the discovery of quantum physics, your scientific community is redefining humanity’s command of celestial mechanics and the inner space of the subatomic realms . . . and what may contradict all the known “laws” of science today very probably will be the discoveries of tomorrow. The Power’s top scientists have already bridged that gap. So stretch your minds a bit—and be daring. Glide around in the “possibility” zone where your acquired knowledge, education, and convictions do not automatically reject new perspectives—such as those we are declaring here to be the workings of the Cosmos, as they are known to us.

The celestial dynamics of Sirius, combined with the alignments of key celestial bodies of your galaxy and the entry of Nebiru into your solar system, were in great part responsible for cataclysmic events which took place upon Earth and at other points in your solar system then, and they are still the catalysts of change within your greater solar family now. With the perennial passing of the turnabout, Nebiru, between us, we have established resonance with your Solar Deity and become, in ways that are significant to our mutual evolution, linked with the forces of Ra.

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