The Warrior Within Podcast Series Hosted by Ori Hofmekler

Ori Hofmekler is the author of The Warrior Diet, The Anti-Estrogenic Diet, and the recently released Maximum Muscle, Minimum Fat. Every Wednesday, at 9am PST, on VoiceAmericaHealth, Ori offers a live podcast as a part of The Warrior Within: Your Guide to Nutrition, Energy, Sex, and Survival. Past podcasts include “The Three Hidden Obstacles to …continue

New Article by Paul Pitchford, Author of Healing With Whole Foods

Paul Pitchford is the author of the bestselling book, Healing with Whole Foods: Asian Traditions and Modern Nutrition. Pitchford is a leading authority in the field of nutrition and foundational healing. In the following article, Pitchford explains how one can balance their daily diet in order to consume a healthy amount of protein. He also …continue

Sustainable Sushi in San Francisco: Tataki Sushi & Sake Bar

Casson Trenor, North Atlantic Books author of Sustainable Sushi: A Guide to Saving the Planet One Bite at a Time is an expert in oceans management and sustainability. Trenor is a top consultant for the new Tataki Sushi & Sake Bar in San Francisco. Along with chefs Raymond Ho and Kin Lui, Trenor is a …continue