What is Your Yoga Class Theme?

Creating fresh and meaningful yoga classes is one of the most fulfilling aspects of teaching yoga. Whether you teach a set sequence style like Ashtanga Vinyasa or Bikram or fashion your own sequences, every class is an opportunity for you and your students to contribute to the creative evolution of yoga. Yet this creative process …continue

The Origins of Wudang Sword

Wudang Sword—it’s a form of Chinese swordplay that can be described as nothing other than graceful, beautiful and powerfully awe-inspiring. The first images to be conjured in the minds of many Americans are the spectacular dueling scenes in Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, the most famous example of Wudang Sword to sweep across the United States. …continue

Unexpected Help for Victims of Traumatic Brain Injury

The recent and tragic death of New York Rangers hockey player, Derek Boogaard, highlights a serious deficiency in the conventional medical approach to head trauma. Although his death remains a mystery it cannot be overlooked that this young man had been sidelined by a season-ending concussion five months earlier. It was the 28 year-old’s fourth …continue

Do You Live in a Transition Town?

This post previously appeared on Albany.Patch.com, a local news site for Albany, California, featuring a regular blog post on the city’s sustainability efforts from NAB’s associate publisher, Doug Reil. Albany California is a Transition Town. I’ve run into a lot of folks in town who, while interested and supportive of some aspect of the Transition …continue

Bill Morrison Changes the Soup Kitchen Forever

On January 16th, 2009, Maine made history with the lowest temperature the state had ever reached: 50 below zero. Thankfully, this temperature isn’t anywhere near the average, but the state does remain bitterly cold in the winter months. Locals barricade themselves indoors, yank on an extra pair of wool socks, and eat dinner at their …continue

Attention Travelers: Introducing A New Guide to Homeopathy

With summer just around the corner, many of us are busy preparing for that long-awaited trip, whether it be stocking up on necessary supplies or shedding a few extra pounds. Oftentimes overlooked, however, are the physical dangers of traveling, which vary according to travel distance, trip duration, and location. Ravi Roy and Carola Lage-Roy, experienced …continue