What Does Food Safety Mean to You?

Posted by – January 28, 2013
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The FDA’s newest additions to its 2011 Food Safety Modernization Act are aimed at preventing food-borne illness outbreaks before they become, well… outbreaks. This effort to advance the food industry may seem ironic to Californians who voted for the GMO Labeling initiative last year, only to see it defeated with a 46 million dollar campaign sponsored by big food companies like Nestle and Monsanto foods, but it is undeniably a good first step. The message that is being sent is that while widespread outbreaks should become less frequent in years to come, the long term effects of ingesting chemicals from food, skin products, and clothing are currently left up to us to decide. In Detox Your World, Shazzie makes the case for organic foods and products as the means to optimal food safety and health: Detox Your World

Those who work with nonorganic foods have much higher instances of cancer, respiratory problems, and other major diseases than those who work on organic farms. Those working in developing countries have it even tougher, so please buy organic cotton as well as food wherever possible…It’s important to detox your body and allow any stored chemicals to come out, thus giving you a stronger body to fight future infections, a clearer mind to make excellent life decisions, and a more content spirit to guide you to your higher purpose. The more organic food you buy now, the more choice there’ll be for you and your children tomorrow. Vote for healthy food with your wallet. Some people insist that organic food is no more nutritious than pesticide-ridden food, and studies frequently come out sitting on either side of the fence. The studies I’m inclined to believe say that fresh organic produce contains an average of 50 percent more vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and other micronutrients than nonorganic food. However, even if you think it’s no more nutritious in terms of vitamins, minerals, and all the thousands of other chemicals that scientists have yet to recognize and label, consider the stuff that’s sprayed onto them. The suffix “-cide” conjures horrible images of criminal acts, violence, and blood. Think about it: homicide, suicide, pesticide, and herbicide! Why do we happily pay someone to give us food covered in -cides? These things don’t belong in our body, atmosphere, land, or our water. Don’t let your body, environment, animals, or children become victims to the -cides.

While the author’s endorsement of raw, organic foods is not the only way to skirt the edges of questionable food products, it is an effective way of taking matters into your own hands, rather than waiting for the FDA to implement regulations for you.

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