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Posted by – January 08, 2015
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9781583945995As psychonautic practices like ayahuasca consumption, shamanic rituals, ecstatic dance, and meditation become more mainstream vehicles for personal and spiritual exploration, it’s clear that people are seeking ways to unlock their consciousness, and gain a glimpse into the mysterious realm of the psyche.

The first in-depth look at the relationships among language, consciousness, and psychedelics, Xenolinguistics is a quick-paced, immersive, and comprehensive exploration that draws from personal experience, ethnobotany, anthropology, the stories of other psychonauts, neurophenomenology, and the research and lifework of legendary psychonaut Terence McKenna.

In Diana Reed Slattery’s Xenolinguistics, the experienced psychonaut — literally, “soul sailor”—details her eleven-year journey of research and psychedelic exploration into the heart of Glide, a symbolic language she accessed while in an altered state of consciousness. This exploration takes the reader on an adventure into the bizarre and beautiful landscape of the human psyche as we experience Slattery’s discoveries, downloads, and access to “the Other,” the pervasive numinous guiding presence.

[Diana] is a psychonaut’s psychonaut…Equipped with nothing more than a journal, pen, and of course the key instrument, her discerning and penetrating intellect, she has established contact with an alien Logos, and not just contacted it, but wrested its secrets from the very heart of the Weird…Anyone with serious interest in the cartography of the psychedelic cosmos and the wonders encountered there will find fertile ground for astonishment, appreciation, and puzzlement within these pages.          —Dennis McKenna

About the author

Diana Reed Slattery was born in time to compile a full 60s resume: civil rights photojournalism, peace marching, communes. Social justice, self-exploration, and LSD went hand in hand. She went on to co-found an ecologically oriented K-12 school with working farm, dairy, livestock, and forestry that held the first renewable energy conference in Oregon. She later continued her career by founding, funding, and managing a series of not-for-profit organizations. In 1999, in an altered state of consciousness, she acquired a strange, alien script, Glide, beginning a ten-year psychonautic investigation of linguistic phenomena in the psychedelic sphere. Out of this solo—and secret—adventure came a novel, The Maze Game, a million words of session reports, software to work with the language, and a PhD in xenolinguistics. Slattery lives in California, and has presented her work at numerous art, technology, consciousness, and psychedelic conferences over the past 15 years.

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