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Posted by – August 05, 2016
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Wisdom KeeperIn his new book, Wisdom Keeper: One Man’s Journey to Honor the Untold Story of the Unangan People, Ilarion Merculieff seamlessly weaves together the remarkable strands of his life and culture into a fascinating account.

Tracing the extraordinary history of his ancestors, Merculieff describes the rich traditions of the Unangan—spirituality, art, dance, music, storytelling, science and technology—that enabled them to withstand the harsh conditions in the Bering Sea.

For the better part of his life, Merculieff has dedicated himself to protecting the legacy of his ancestors and ensuring that future generations of indigenous people will not endure the same struggles and oppression previous generations faced.

In this short video, Merculieff describes how his traditional Unangan upbringing taught him “how to use the entire intelligence of the human being; the gut feeling, the five senses, the intuition, and the heart sense.”

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