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Posted by – May 12, 2015
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warlordsBased on analysis from leading political scientists, advisors to heads of state, and award-winning academics, Warlords, Inc. exposes the secretive world of drug cartels and transnational criminal organizations. In addition to detailing the inner-workings and implications of these deviant groups, the authors also offer insight into how to learn from them and adjust our own tactics.

The book explores warlord entrepreneurs, who live under the radar of political authority and economic productivity. Defining their own power structures, these groups are oftentimes able to out-maneuver the capacities of conventional or mainstream infrastructures.

With an impressive list of contributing experts, Warlords, Inc. was written for activists, academics, policymakers, and anyone interested in learning more about black markets and warlord entrepreneurs.

About the editors

Andrew Trabulsi is a consultant and entrepreneur who focuses on technology and economic development policy. Based in San Francisco, his work and research has included technology capacity building with indigenous communities in the Amazon rainforest, community development work with the Federal Reserve Bank, innovation consulting with Deloitte LLP, and analysis of the REDD+ carbon finance programme.

Noah Raford works as an advisor to the United Arab Emirates Prime Minister’s Office, where he provides policy and strategy advice on a range of special projects. Previously he helped design, develop and manage the nation’s first foresight and scenario planning unit. He has consulted with governments, NGOs and private corporations around the world on a range of issues related to foresight, urbanism, risk, governance, policy, and strategy.


Vinay Gupta; Dr. Peter Taylor and Dr. Noah Raford; Nils Gilman, Jesse Goldhammer, and Steven Weber; John P. Sullivan; Dr. Daniel Biro; Mark Safranski; Shlok Vaidya; Samuel Logan and James Bosworth; William Barnes and Nils Gilman; Hardin Tibbs; Paul Hilder; Graham Leicester; and Daniel S. Gressang

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