New Release: Tibetan Shamanism

Posted by – September 27, 2016
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A centuries-old tradition that lived on in exile only to die out in Nepal

Originally settled by warring nomadic tribes, Tibet has a violent birth story that is often forgotten. It wasn’t until Buddhist teachings were integrated into local shamanic traditions that these different communities were unified, creating the peaceful and spiritually-focused Tibetan culture as it is known today.

Yet the unique religious practices of Tibet—once the cornerstone of daily life—are now in danger of disappearing as they are no longer sheltered by geologic isolation.

In Tibetan Shamanism, Larry Peters brings together sixteen years of field research to present the knowledge of Tibet’s most respected shamans before their wisdom is lost. This book offers insight into how rituals and healings are practiced, as well as an ethnographic look at the life of the pau, or shamans.

As an initiated shaman himself and a scholar specializing in psychology and anthropology with a focus on Tibetan shamanism, Peters is a well-respected expert in his field. A prolific writer and researcher, he has published extensively on the subject and led initiation journeys and workshops around the world.

About the Author

DR. LARRY PETERS is a world-renowned scholar and initiated shaman in the Tamang tradition. He was recipient of the Regents Fellowship at the University of California Los Angeles, and an NICCHD post-doctoral fellow at UCLA’s Neuropsychiatric Institute. Dr. Peters has published extensively on shamanism, conducted workshops on Tibetan Shamanism in the United States, Europe, and Asia, and for more than sixteen years led experiential Initiation Journeys to Nepal.

About the Author

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