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Posted by – January 14, 2015
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Without doubt, Lee Wedlake’s The Kenpo Karate Compendium will be one of the most significant and beneficial resources available to kenpoists worldwide.

– Rich Hale, Senior Professor and President, Ohana Kenpo Karate Association

9781583948514Thousands of students and teachers of all lineages have relied on Lee Wedlake’s writing as the kenpo reference for over a decade. Known for his clear instruction on general rules of motion and the refinement of techniques, Wedlake has created comprehensive guides that require readers to think and actively absorb information. His work stands out in its genre for its attention to detail and for Wedlake’s close collaboration with Ed Parker, “the father of American karate.”

The Kenpo Karate Compendium (on sale: January 13, 2015; North Atlantic Books) brings together all the information from Wedlake’s previous books, which has been revised and updated throughout, and incorporates new chapters, images, and footwork notation. This comprehensive work is perfect for anyone interested in kenpo, from the new student to the seasoned instructor.

About the author

Lee Wedlake has studied martial arts since 1967 and is a ninth degree black belt in kenpo karate. Taught by Ed Parker, Wedlake was named the first Parker kenpo stylist to earn a spot in the National Top Ten in men’s black belt forms. Recognized as hanshi (chief grandmaster instructor) by the prestigious Shidokan International, Wedlake was also noted in Tom Bleecker’s The Journey as one of the world’s most proficient kenpoists. Wedlake lives in Round Rock, Texas, presents at seminars internationally, and serves as the senior advisor to Progressive Kenpo Systems.

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