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Posted by – May 14, 2015
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9781583949221In their new book Rawlicious Superfoods, authors and raw food chefs Peter and Beryn Daniel present an invaluable resource for anyone looking to explore a raw food diet.

Revered by ancient cultures and verified by science, superfoods are emerging today as a radically simple solution to widespread nutritional deficiencies. Complete with in-depth information about seventeen of the top superfoods, including coconut, berries, sea vegetables, raw cacao and more, Rawlicious Superfoods offers simple and delicious recipes based around each.

In addition to over one hundred recipes—from Chia Curry to Coconut Crepes—this beautifully illustrated book includes information about the history and health benefits of each superfood, as well as information on how to source and store the best quality ingredients, and how to stock your kitchen with equipment that is raw-food ready.

Whether you are practicing a raw food diet or simply curious, Peter and Beryn Daniel prove that anyone can experience the radiant health and vitality that comes with eating raw.

About the Authors

Peter and Beryn Daniel are founders of the raw food and superfood movements in South Africa, raw food chefs, authors of Rawlicious: Delicious Recipes for Radiant Health, and producers of the four-part Rawlicious, Elements for Radiant Heath DVD course.

Initially introduced to superfoods and raw foods while living in the UK, Peter and Beryn first came across goji berries, and a short while later, in search of an alternative to mass-marketed chocolate, they discovered raw cacao online. These superfoods changed their lives. As soon as they realized that eating healthily included delicious and indulgent taste sensations, they embarked on their raw foods and superfoods journey with vigor.

Peter and Beryn have been presenting workshops and seminars on the rawlicious superfood lifestyle for over seven years. They live in Cape Town, South Africa, with their daughter Katara.

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